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NIR Analysis: Hay, Haylage, CS, HM. Corn, SGS, TMR*, Pasture**

Price $13.00

Same day analysis for DM, CP, ADICP, ADF, NDF, NEl, TDN, Ca, P, K, Mg, NSC.
Soluble P on haylages, corn silage and pasture.
Fat and ash on most forage types.

*we recommend wet chem. minerals for TMR

**pastures require overnight drying

NIR is appropriate for fast accurate nutritional analyses of individual forages.
NIR is not available for commodity feeds or grains.

Wet Chemistry Analysis: all forages, feeds, and grains

Wet chemistry is a more precise nutritional analysis of forages and feeds, required for grains and feed commodities.

Analytical options for all feeds:

Option Price
Standard Wet Chem [DM, CP, ADICP, AvCP, ADF, NDF, trace minerals] 28.00
Standard Wet Chem + Soluble Protein 33.00
Standard Wet Chem + Soluble Protein + Fat + Ash 43.00
Dry matter only   2.00
Dry matter, crude protein   8.00
Nitrate   6.00
Chloride   6.00
Trace minerals [includes Ca, P, K, Mg, Na, S, Fe, Mn, B, Cu, and Zn] 15.00
Soluble protein (Sol P) [includes DM, CP, % Sol P] 15.00
Fat (ether extract)  10.00
Ash   2.00
pH   2.00
Lignin 15.00
Particle Size (Penn State Separator)   5.00
Non-fiber carbohydrates (NFC) [includes DM/CP/NDF/fat/ash] 23.00

We also can have samples analyzed for NSC (sugar + starch), volatile fatty acids (VFA), or a mycotoxin screen.

Assorted analysis options available on request.

  • Fast turnaround
  • Results available online (by request)
  • Prepaid mailers available
  • Certified by the National Forage Testing Association
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