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Mailing address:
Agricultural and Environmental Testing Lab
262 Jeffords Hall, UVM
Burlington, VT  05405-1737

fax 802-656-4656

Sample kits are available for each test from us, from UVM Extension offices, and from some garden stores.  These kits include a mailer, sample bag, and information form.  You may also download a form and mail the sample in your own clean plastic bag (about 1/2 cup for soils) or clean plastic container (about 2 pints for manure).

Due to University policy, we can no longer accept cash.

Type of test Link to download
Garden / Horticultural Soils (includes fruits and lawns, commercial and home) Individual sample ("yellow form")

Multiple samples on one form

Field Crop Soils (e.g. silage corn, hay, pasture, deer food plots, etc.)
Indvidual sample ("blue" form)

MultiField Form for Field Crops (pdf)

MultiField Form for Field Crops (xls)

Soil, PreSidedress Nitrate Test (PSNT) Plain PSNT Form

Interactive PSNT Form

Manure, Compost, Saturated Media Extract (Greenhouse) submission form Manure/Compost/SME Submission Form

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