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University of Vermont (UVM) Vineyard
UVM Horticulture Research Center, South Burlington, VT

The UVM Vineyard is a research/demonstration site that has eight winegrape and eight table grape varieties.   The cold climate winegrape varieties are part of a national evaluation of winegrape varieties associated with the USDA NE1020 Project,  a USDA NIFA Specialty Crops Research Initiative Project (Northern Grape Project), and a UVM Agric. Exp. Station Research Project.   It was planted in 2007, using a randomized complete block experimental design of six blocks with four-vine plots of each winegrape variety per block.  The vines are being trained to a high-wire cordon system.  The soil is a well-drained Windsor loamy sand; drip irrigation has been installed.  The table grape varieties are planted in two-vine plots along the perimeter of the vineyard and are there for demonstration purposes.


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