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Cultivars (cultivated varieties) on the following linked lists were assembled during 2010 for the Fruit Gardener's Bible, however space limitations did not permit most to be included.  They represent many of the most common and popular from across North America, as gauged from listing in sources, specialist lists, and Extension publications.  Other fruits can be found in the above reference. For sources, please see the links (on the left sidebar). Check back for those not yet linked and online.


Tree Fruits


Peaches, Apricots, Nectarines

Pears (Asian and European)

Plums (European, Japanese, American hybrids)

Cherries (Sweet and Sour/Tart)


Small Fruits

Strawberries (June and everbearing, Alpine)

Blueberries (lowbush, highbush, other)

Brambles (Raspberries, all types)

Bush Fruits (currants, jostaberries, other)

Grapes (all types, muscadines)