The following items either are corrections or clarifications to the printed book, generally a result of publisher decisions, not those of the author.

Cover-- the image you may see online with specific names of fruits not only is incorrect with some naming, but is not the actual cover of the book which only identifies crops such as apples or pears-- this is how to tell if the image is actually of the book cover (also, in the lower grid of 12 fruits, the upper left on the book is a pear).

Crabapple-- Throughout this is shown as two words, per the publisher which uses Webster's dictionary as a taxonomic reference. The majority of horticultural authorities, including the International Crabapple Society, list it as ONE word.

p. 202-- Chestnut blight wiped trees out by the early 1900's, not the 1990's.

Photo, p. 284-- This photo chosen by the publisher is not only incorrect and misleading, but could result in serious injury if followed. Dust masks are not appropriate for sprays; although wearing long sleeves, the person is not wearing gloves-- skin absorption is a leading problem with using pesticides (organic or otherwise) improperly; nor is any other protective gear worn on the face as should be, particularly eye protection; even with "seemingly innocuous" sprays, protective clothing is a good idea as pesticides (especially concentrates) spilled on unprotected clothing is the greatest hazard in using pesticides. Above all , read and follow all label directions and precautions.

Resources-- for space considerations, the publisher deleted locations from the list of resources, locations which are valuable to gardeners in choosing appropriate and best fruits for their regions. These may be found, in addition to any new links or changes, on the above listing linked on this site.