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Plant Diagnostic Clinic Services

A good source for gardening pest and disease information (symptoms, descriptions, causes, life cycle, control) can be found on the UVM Extension Agriculture Pest Management and Yard & Garden Pest Management web pages. Diseases and insect pests common in Vermont are covered.

Access over 60,000 pages of Extension fact sheets and bulletins from 46 different universities and government institutions across the US and Canada at the Factsheet Database.

Many HOMEOWNER garden problems can be quickly solved at no cost by speaking with an Extension Master Gardener at 1-800-639-2230.

If the above information doesn't answer your problem, one of the services provided by the PDC is identification of diseases, plants, weeds, and plant insects encountered by COMMERCIAL Vermont agricultural operations. Please follow the following steps if you think you have a problem that we may address.

  1. Contact the PDC: (802) 656-0493
  2. Supply a sample of the problem plant or insect including a completed Plant Diagnostic Clinic Specimen Form (pdf).
  3. Special instructions for collecting, preparing, and mailing specimens should be followed closely in order to make accurate identification.
  4. Enclose a $15.00 check for diagnosis made out to UVM.
  5. Due to climatic and geographic variations, differences in state pesticide regulations, and the volume of requests, we are only able to serve clients in the state of Vermont.
  6. The PDC will contact you with results and may make recommendations for rectifying the problem.

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