Gardens of Southern Quebec

July 16-17, 2007


Public, private, and unique gardens are the features of this special tour you wont want to miss!  Included will be private gardens in Hudson, Quebec; the new 2007 gardens of the Flora exhibit in the old port of Montreal; the world famous Montreal Botanic Gardens; and the largest lavender farm in Canada.  With views from our hotel of this beautiful city, and time for a nice dinner in the old city, this tour will be both educational and enjoyable.


Day One

Our luxury Premier motorcoach will begin at Ft. Ticonderoga in New York, with a stop at the Horticulture Research Center in South Burlington, Vermont where we’ll have refreshments and a brief introduction to the plants and gardens and research there.


We’ll continue on to Hudson, on the Ottawa river west of Montreal.  There we’ll have a catered lunch, followed by visits to some beautiful private gardens, open only to us by special arrangements.  You can view photos of some of these online (  In mid-afternoon we’ll return to Montreal, to the old port section.  There we’ll visit Flora, the international gardens exhibition first held last year (  Our tour visitors loved these gardens last year, and the new gardens they promise this year should equally enjoyable as well.  There you’ll be able to see the work of many designers, in many garden styles, with new ideas for design and plants.   That evening, you’ll have to choice of either dinner in the old city of Montreal at one of many excellent restaurants, or a relaxing evening at the hotel with dinner there.  We’ll stay at the Sandman, a nice Canadian chain primarily in western Canada.  We have enjoyed this hotel before on tours.


Day Two

We’ll spend the morning at the Montreal Botanic Gardens, considered one of the top in the world.  You’ll have four hours to visit the many gardens there, and to have lunch at one of their cafes on your own.  The 11 greenhouses have changing seasonal displays, and extensive collections of plants such as orchids, begonias, ferns and cacti.  The gardens also include the largest Chinese garden outside China (done in the style of the Ming Dynasty) and the largest Penjin (Chinese bonsai) collection in North America; the modernistic Japanese garden, tea room and tea garden, and bonsai collection; and many specialty gardens such as rock garden, perennials, roses, trees and shrubs.  The Insectarium has many "hands-on" exhibits and can easily take a couple hours just learning about the magical life of insects.  The most recent garden is the First Nations, celebrating the culture and plants used by the original peoples of this continent.  A tram ride around the gardens is included in the admission, and is a good way to get an overview, and around, the 100 acres. (


On the way back, in mid-afternoon we’ll tour and have a chance to shop at Bleu Lavande, the largest lavender farm in Canada and one of the largest in North America.  Just north of Newport, VT in Stansted, Quebec, they amazingly produce lavender oil from about 100,000 plants, and all manner of related products. (


Refreshments will be served going and coming, videos on the bus will give you an overview of these gardens as well as showcase other gardens including ones abroad, and tour hosts will share their expertise. The tour price includes travel by luxury motor coach, refreshments, catered lunch the first day, all admissions, lodging, baggage handling, and full American breakfast the second day.  Any family or friends interested in joining you?  Send in your registration NOW in order to guarantee seats on this unique, relaxing, comfortable and educational tour sponsored by the Friends of the Hort Farm, in collaboration with The Kings Garden at Ft. Ticonderoga, and Dr. Leonard Perry of UVM Extension.


Gardens of Southern Quebec

Registration Form


Due by June 8, 2007-Register Early, space is limited!

Please complete a separate form for each person


Name_____________________________________ Address__________________________________



City____________________________________               State_______        Zip Code__________


Daytime Phone Number_____________________


Room Occupancy (circle):     single         double


Room Requirements:  smoking                   non-smoking

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Departing From (circle)    UVM Hort Farm               King’s Garden at Fort Ticonderoga


Payment (Please make checks payable to “Friends of the Hort Farm”)


Registration Price   $249                  __________

     (double occupancy)

Single supplement   $49                  __________

     (Covers additional hotel costs)


Total                                                   __________



Refund Policy:  Cancellation before June 8, 2007  complete refund less a 10%  processing fee

Cancellation after June 8, but before June 29, 2007  50% refund

Cancellation after June 29, 2007 no refund



Requests for cancellation must be received in writing.


Mail Registration Forms by June 8, 2007 to:   

Quebec Garden Tour

Attn: Leonard Perry

Dept. Plant and Soil Sciences

UVM, Hills Bldg., Carrigan Dr.

Burlington, VT 05405



Confirmation receipt, itinerary, and directions to departure sites will be mailed prior to the tour. For questions on registration and payment, contact tour host Dr. Leonard Perry (UVM Extension Professor,, 802-656-0479).  For more information on tour details, including departure sites, contact Dr. Perry or co-host Heidi teRiele Karkoski (Curator of Landscape, Kings Garden, Ft. Ticonderoga,, 518-585-2821 ext. 225).

The above may also be printed out in pdf format (you'll need free Adobe Acrobat reader for this)

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