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2003 All America Selections Flower Display Garden
Burlington Waterfront Park

The All America Selections (AAS) is a national program to select the best of the new varieties each year. This is done in about 30 trial gardens throughout North America. Although mainly annuals, perennials can be included if they are grown from seed and bloom the first year. The varieties proving new or better than similar existing ones are given the "All America Award", and are displayed in over 200 display gardens, such as this one. The flowers below (green labels) represent some of the most recent winners and other new introductions, and are primarily annuals. Perennials on display, not part of this program (black labels), can be found on a separate list.

We are especially pleased and thankful this year for many new "specialty annuals" (those generally grown from cuttings and not seeds) provided by two wholesale greenhouse propagators in New Hampshire—Pleasant View Gardens (PVG) and DS Cole Growers (DSC). Those from PVG marked "new" are just that, new introductions to the trade this year. The PVG annuals are from their Proven Winners and Proven Selections series. Those from DSC are from several other brand name series.
Flower Source Comments
Agastache Golden Jubilee AAS AAS 2003
Ageratum Artist Blue PVG  
Ageratum Artist Purple PVG  
Angelonia Blue Angel DSC  
Angelonia Angelmist Purple Stripe DSC  
Angelonia Carita Deep Pink DSC  
Arctotis Wine DSC  
Argyranthemum Butterfly PVG Cobbity Daisy
Argyranthemum Comet White DSC  
Argyranthemum Molimba Helio White PVG new
Argyranthemum Vanilla Butterfly PVG new
Bidens Peter's Gold Carpet PVG  
Bidens Solaire Yellow PVG new
Bracteantha Dreamtime Antique Shades DSC  
Bracteantha Sundaze Bronze PVG new
Calibrachoa MiniFamous Apricot DSC  
Calibrachoa Superbells Pink Kiss PVG new
Calibrachoa Superbells Red PVG Million Bells
Calibrachoa Superbells White PVG  
Calibrachoa Superbells Trailing Blue PVG new
Calibrachoa Superbells Trailing Rose PVG new
Carnation Can Can Scarlet AAS AAS 2003
Centaurea gymnocarpa DSC  
Cleome Sparkler Blush AAS Spider Flower, AAS 2002
Coleus Saturn PVG slow growth
Coleus Freckles PVG removed 6/26, poor growth
Coleus Peter Wonder DSC  
Cosmos Cosmic Orange AAS AAS 2000
Dianthus Corona Cherry Magic AAS AAS 2003
Dianthus Melody Pink AAS AAS 2000
Diascia Flying Colors Apricot PVG  
Gaillardia Sundance Bicolor AAS AAS 2003
Gaillardia Torch Yellow DSC  
Geranium Americana White  PVG  
Geranium Americana Red PVG  
Geranium Black Velvet Rose AAS AAS 2002
Gypsophila Festival Star PVG Baby’s Breath, new
Impatiens Paradise Salmon PVG  
Impatiens Paradise Mango Orange PVG  
Impatiens Paradise Red PVG  
Lantana Lemon Frost DSC  
Lantana Pink Dawn DSC  
Lantana Patriot Classic Passion PVG  
Lantana Hallelujah PVG  
Lobelia Laguna Sky Blue PVG new
Marigold Bonanza Bolero AAS AAS 1999
Nemesia Safari Pink PVG  
Nemesia Sunsatia Peach PVG new
Ornamental Millet Purple Majesty AAS AAS 2003
Ornamental Pepper Chilly Chilly AAS AAS 2002
Osteospermum Passion Mix AAS AAS 1999
Osteospermum Soprano Purple PVG new
Pansy Ultima Morpho AAS AAS 2002
Pentas Mars DSC  
Perilla magilla DSC  
Petunia Lavender Wave AAS AAS 2002
Petunia Mini Blue Veined PVG  
Petunia Supertunia Double Pink Veined PVG  
Petunia Supertunia Royal Velvet PVG  
Petunia Surfinia Lime PVG  
Plectranthus Mona Lavender DSC  
Portulaca Fairytales Cinderella DSC  
Portulaca Margarita Rosita AAS AAS 2001
Portulaca Sundial Peach AAS AAS 1999
Rudbeckia Cherokee Sunset AAS AAS 2002
Rudbeckia Prairie Sun AAS AAS 2003
Salvia argentea DSC  
Salvia guaranitica Black and Blue DSC  
Salvia Navajo series DSC  
Sanvitalia Sunbini PVG Creeping Zinnia
Scaevola New Wonder PVG Blue Fan Flower
Scaevola Whirlwind White PVG new
Scaevola ZigZag DSC  
Sunflower Ring of Fire AAS AAS2001
Sunflower Soraya AAS AAS2000
Sutera (Bacopa) Glacier Blue PVG  
Tithonia Fiesta del Sol AAS Mexican Sunflower, AAS 2000, eaten by rabbits
Verbena Babylon Neon Rose PVG new
Verbena Babylon White PVG  
Verbena Quartz Burgundy AAS AAS 1999
Verbena Superbena Lilac Blue PVG  
Verbena Superbena Pink Shades PVG  
Verbena Tukana White PVG  
Vinca Jaio Dark Red AAS AAS 2003
Vinca Jaio Scarlet Eye AAS AAS 2002
Vinca Stardust Orchid AAS AAS 2000
Zinnia Profusion Cherry AAS AAS 1999
Zinnia Profusion Orange AAS AAS 1999
Zinnia Profusion White AAS AAS 2001

A cooperative program of the Burlington Dept. of Parks and Recreation and the University of Vermont (Dr. Leonard Perry). Appreciation is expressed to the Burlington Garden Club, and Friends of the Garden for funding and support.

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