Aquilegia 'Roman Bronze'

columbine    Perennial of the Month-- April 2005 

(a-kwah-lE' GE-ah) (pronunciation at link, turn up volume if too low)

Common name: Roman Bronze columbine

Family: Ranunculaceae, Buttercup

Height x width: 18-24" x 12"

Growth rate; habit: moderate, upright

Foliage: basal, alternate on flower stem, compound, chartreuse green turning deep orange-bronze later in season

Flowers: terminal, short recurved hollow spurs; dark purple; spring, early summer

Hardiness: USDA zones 3-8

Soil: moist to dry, not wet

Light: full sun to part shade north, part shade south

Pests and problems: leaf miner, slugs

Landscape habit, uses: woodland, native plantings, front to mid border, accent; combines well with forget-me-nots, purple-leaved coralbells, Golden Anniversary Lamium, Illumination Vinca, Geum

Other interest: genus from Latin aquila for eagle from flower spurs resembling eagle claws; vulgaris hybrid

Other culture: may need some staking or support

Propagation: seeds, may take 1-3 months to germinate

Sources: Thompson and Morgan

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