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By Dr. Leonard Perry, Extension Professor

Whether you are a home gardener or industry professional, if you are interested in outdoor flowers and want to learn more about them this winter and the coming year, here is a great, new opportunity for you.

 The course I teach at the University of Vermont (UVM) on garden plants is now available to take totally online through the Internet.  The more than 250 pages of printed notes are available for purchase in case you want to have them for future reference, and not just on a computer screen.  Or you can get the notes on a CD-ROM, or the lectures on audio CDs to listen to while you follow the lecture outlines.

 You can buy only the notes, too, without taking the course, but there is a considerable discount if you also sign up for the on-line course.  Although the notes contain lots of useful information, they are best used in conjunction with the course for enhanced learning.  Many aspects of the course are designed to reinforce key points and plants and give you additional information and exposure to this whole field of study, which is not found in just the notes.

The cost for the course is $99, with a $20 discount for horticulture industry professionals and Vermont Master Gardeners.  Printed lecture notes, CD-ROMs, and CDs are extra.  The course also may be taken for credit.  If you aren't a full-time UVM student, you can sign up through the UVM Continuing Education Division.

 To learn more about this course and the notes, to see samples, and to sign up or order these products, visit the Website at

 So what does this course offer?

There are some key differences between this course, and others you might take.  These include:

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