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The Evening Garden
2002. Peter Loewer. Timber Press. 256pp, softcover.

Thanks to this publisher, this book from 1993 has once again been made available to gardeners after a several year absence.
For any gardener working or gone during much of daylight hours, or those wishing to expand enjoyment of their garden, this
encompassing book will provide many plants and ideas. The 14 chapters and many illustrations cover plants in various groups
such as annuals and night-fragrant plants, and topics such as night lighting, water gardening, and some fascinating aspects of
how and what we see at night.

The author writes and illustrates books, being a trained botanical illustrator. This book includes 160 of his line drawings. It also
includes many diverse excerpts and quotes from famous gardeners, poets, and science fiction and horror films-- one of his

Some of the plants covered may be seasonal for many gardeners, such as the night fragrant orchids, night fragrant bromeliads,
night blooming tropical vines and trees, night blooming cactus, or water lilies of the evening. Others are more universal in
temperate gardens, such as annuals, perennials, evening primroses, and even daylilies. This is one of the few resources with
extensive lists of daylilies that bloom more at night than day! Fragrance has become popular in gardens in recent years, with
several chapters here devoted to flowers with evening fragrance. Although mainly a book on the plants for such gardens, brief
and appropriate cultural notes for each are also included. There is even a chapter on non-plant features of the night garden
including fireflies, glowworms, singing insects and frogs. At the end is a brief list of sources, with websites, and bibliography.

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