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Continuous Bloom
Pam Duthie.  2000.  Ball Publishing.  328pp, hardcover.
Being a practicing landscape designer and consultant in the Chicago area, Pam brings to her first book a practical sense of what works in northern climates from a cultural and design perspective.  She covers 272 perennials (mainly cultivars which she has found the best), arranged by easily found and color coded chapters by month of bloom from March through November.  For each she has one of her lovely photographs, basics of culture, and other plants for combinations.

For the plant basics she covers plant type, flower, foliage, bloom length (time), height, light, care, uses, propagation, problems, insider's tips and plant combinations.  Information on each is brief, just the basics, and simple for gardeners (no fancy botanical descriptions for instance).  An example of plants are her garden phlox for July (Phlox paniculata) including 'Bright Eyes', 'David', 'Eva Cullum', and 'Fairest One'.

At the end are some additional tips such as for garden care and winter gardening.  Useful appendices include lists by color of colored foliage to bridge the seasons, hostas by color of foliage, popular Astilbes, select daylilies, perennials least affected by deer and rabbit feeding, some mail order catalogs and plant societies.

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