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Herbaceous Ornamental Plants
Steven Still. 1994. Stipes Publ., 814 pages, hardcover, 4th ed.

This reference is another of my staples for herbaceous perennials. Written as, and more in the style of, a text book for the author's course at The Ohio State Univ., it is nonetheless quite useful to gardeners with an A-Z listing of genera of all outdoor herbaceous plants not just perennials.

Dr. Steven Still is a professor at OSU, executive director of the Perennial Plant Association for the commercial industry, and is seen in many presentations and his name in many articles. Each genus has a page or two, usually a line drawing, and description of the plant and its culture in outline form--scientific name and pronunciation, common name, leaves, flowers, habit, season of bloom, culture, utilization, propagation, insects and diseases, hardiness, cultivars and additional notes. Being several years old, and with the rapidly changing cultivars of perennials but especially of annuals, many are not listed here or are no longer seen. But some of the main cultivars, especially of perennials, are still available and accurate.

So if you need a good reference on herbaceous ornamentals--perennials, annuals, bulbs, and grasses-- including culture, use in the landscape and propagation in particular, this one should be in your collection.

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