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Meet the Aster family-- Crossword

 Dr. Leonard Perry, University of Vermont
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One of the largest families of perennials are the asters (Asteraceae, formerly Compositae). These often (but not always) have
the typical daisy-like flowers, which are actually composites of ray flowers (the "petals" which really aren't petals), and the disc flowers (the centers). Fill in the cultivars for the genera clues.  Think you know your perennials?  Then try it first without looking at the word bank.


Across Down

3 artemisia
8 coreopsis
9 echinacea
10 ligularia
14 solidago
15 leucanthemum
18 eupatorium
19 achillea
20 aster
22 leucanthemum
23 erigeron

1 achillea
2 echinacea
4 eupatorium
5 artemisia
6 rudbeckia
7 boltonia
11 gaillardia
12 liatris
13 chrysogonum
16 helenium
17 echinacea
21 eupatorium

Word bank:
alaska, becky, carin, chocolate, coppelia, desdemona, dimity, fanfare, fireworks, gateway, goldsturm, guizo, huntington, kobold, magnus, monch, moonbeam, moonshine, paprika, snowbank, springbrook, sunrise, sunset

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