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Horticulture Words Crossword--origins and lore

 Dr. Leonard Perry, University of Vermont
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Helping to know the origins of plant names makes them more fun, and easier to remember.  Unless you're a Greek scholar, or student of botany, you may need to refer to the word clues at the bottom!



1 from the Greek lykoktonon (wolf killer), meaning monkshood
4 an ancient Etruscan city which gives its name to catnip
6 Greek for "snow" and "glory", a minor bulb
10 Greek for "day" and "beauty", a popular member of the lily family
13 Greek origin of meadow rue genus
14 Greek for red, as in the name for Trout Lily
16 the Doric Greek word for Geum



2 the Greek reference to a cane-like plant
3 this ancient city east of the Black Sea gives its name to a minor bulb
5 the Latin verb "to swell up", origin of the word tuber
7 Austrian doctor (1761-1834) who gave his name to the Plantain lily
8 Greek for lovely, solitary; origin of a lily family genus native to central Asia
9 the Greek goddess of hunting and chastity can be seen in the wormwood genus
11 a Nootka (BC Indian) word for sweet, referring to the edible bulbs, gives its name to this native American bulb genus
12 a scholar of Cappadocia (c.150BC) gave his name to the Jacob's Ladder
15 this common name is from the Old English "hreow" meaning sorrow, sadness

The Words: thaliktron, eremos, chion, hemera, akoniton, erythros, nepeta, tumere, colchis, artemis, kamas, kanna, rue, polemon, gaion, host

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