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Congratulations and thanks for deciding to sign up for this course, or to order versions of it, or both! Please make sure you review the samples at the website prior to signing up, (http://pss.uvm.edu/ppp/hgpo/hgpo.htm) if you haven’t done so already, to make sure this is what you expect.

You may sign up for only the course for $99. You will have up to a year to complete this course from time of signing up and receiving your access codes, at your own pace and time schedule. Upon successful completion of all parts of the course, receiving a passing grade (over 60%), you will receive a letter listing the main aspects covered in the course, and a certificate of completion.

If you are an industry employee or professional in the Environmental Horticulture Industry, you can sign up for the course for $79. Other conditions are as above.

If you would like to receive one credit from the University of Vermont, and are a student, contact me. If you are not currently enrolled as a student, you will need to register directly through the UVM Continuing Education website (http://learn.uvm.edu/focus/) under Plant and Soil Science.

In addition to the online course (or in lieu of it), you may order the lectures either printed in a 3-ring binder, or on CDrom, or both. For CDrom you may order just the notes, just the lectures in MP3 format, or both lectures and notes. (Please specify if you would just like the MP3 lectures and not the notes.) The MP3 files (all on only 2 CDroms) will play on computers, or you can play on MP3 players. Newer CD players often will play these, as well as some newer DVD players. You can find these if you don’t have one at many electronics stores and even mass market outlets, including portable units that adapt for playing in your car. Course materials may also be ordered additionally once you have begun the course, at the reduced rate, if you decide later you’d also like these versions. These versions do not contain quizzes and exercises, but do contain web links to detailed plant notes.




Online course



Online course—industry professionals




In addition, if you are taking the course…


CD-rom of just lecture notes



CD-roms (2) of lecture notes and all lectures in MP3 format



Printed lecture notes



Audio CDs (14) of lectures




If you are not taking the course, you may still purchase…


Only CD-rom (Word file) of lecture notes



CD-roms (2) of lecture notes and all lectures in MP3 format



Only printed lecture notes



Only Audio CDs (14) of lectures







 If you would like to pay by credit card, you may now do so through PayPal.com. If you are not already a member, it is easy and free to sign up, and quite secure. You may then send payment to me using the address lpperry@zoo.uvm.edu. If paying by credit card, please add a $5 convenience charge. If paying by check, since UVM is unable to handle checks for course materials, please make checks payble to "Leonard Perry", and send to: Dr. Leonard Perry, Dept Plant and Soil Science, Hills Bldg-- UVM, Burlington VT 05405. I will then be able to process on my end and send your materials out promptly.

Upon receipt of payment, you will then be emailed confirmation/products as ordered, further instructions and access code to get started if for the course. If any further questions, feel free to contact me at the above address, or at leonard.perry@uvm.edu.

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If an industry professional, please also list your employer, and provide proof of employment. This might be a company listing of employees, or letter on letterhead from your employer:

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