Herbaceous Garden Plants Online 
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Flower Garden Design
The Process: objectives | site plan | concept plan | final plan
Plant Qualities: size, form and line, texture | about color | using color
Design Principles: scale, variety, emphasis | repetition, balance
Groupings: function | theme | main bed types | other bed types
Habitats: characteristics | open, shade | damp, dry, seashore | meadow, woodland | rocky, other
Quiz 2

Grouping outlines

I. Functions  (audio)
        A. aesthetic
        B. physical
        C. wildlife
        D. edible (humans)
        E. herbal uses
        F. scent

II. Themes  (audio)
        A. Country
        B. Period
        C. Stories, books, literature
        D. Childrens
        E. Wildflower
        F. Water, aquatic
        G. Evening, night, moon
        H. Model train
        I. Rock or alpine
        J. Plant type
        K. Whimsy

I. Landscape areas (audio)
        1. Public
        2. Private
        3. Service

II. Bed Types
        A. along walks, streets

        B. foundations

        C. borders

        D. corners

        E. island, free-standing beds

        F. slopes, banks (audio)

        G. ground cover

        H. under trees

        I. containers

        J. raised beds

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont.