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Athyrium 'Wildwood Twist'

    Perennial of the Month-- January 2004 

(a-thear' ee-um nip-pon' i-cum pic' tum) (pronunciation at link, turn up volume if too low)

Common name: Wildwood Twist Japanese Painted Fern

Family: Dryopteridaceae

Height x width: 12-18" x 12-18"

Growth rate: moderate

Fronds: smoky gray and green, slightly twisted (hence the name)

Sori: along veins of pinnules in herringbone pattern as for genus

Hardiness: zones 4-7

Soil: moist, organic, does not tolerate dry

Light: part to full shade

Pests and Problems: none serious

Landscape habit, uses: to add color to shade gardens, combinations with other perennials; combines well with lungwort, variegated solomon's seal, foamflower, hostas

Other interest: species native to Japan, very popular variety and cultivars; may be listed as A.n. var. pictum; hybrid of A. nipponicum and A. otophorum, but more similar to former; one of several newer cultivars listed in PSS123 notes

Other culture: low mainenance

Propagation: spring or fall division, spores

Sources: commercially from Terra Nova (2004), retail stores listed there; or check local specialty perennial nurseries

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