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Find It--photos, plants, general information
Publications, Resources
Pests, Problems, Poisonous Plants
Pest and Problem Diagnosis
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.Find It--photos, plants, general information

Cary Award best landscape plants recommended for New England
Plant Selection from Univ. MN, online and CD interactive, hardy plants
Plant Information Online from MN horticulture library, sources, source list, subscription
Perennial evaluations extensive data on many genera, for USDA zone 5, from Chicago Botanic Garden
OSU Webgarden images, videos, FAQs, glossary, over quarter million university information sources
Glossary of Botanical Terms over 3700, searchable
National AG Library online searching with AGRICOLA, articles, photos searchable mailing lists, many plant profiles and more photos, articles
PLANTS Database from USDA, searchable names, mapped distribution
Canadian Hardiness Zone Map both 1967 and 2000, English and French, from Ag Canada
USDA hardiness zones map discussion, listing, from USDA
Cyndi's Catalog of Catalogs over 2000 garden catalogs listed by subject, U.S and Canada
Plant Profiles articles on various plants and groups of all types, Chicago Botanic Garden
Plantfinder from Missouri Botanic Garden, 40 characteristics for over 3500 plants, searchable
Organic landcare standards, professionals, NOFA (MA)
Dictionary of Botanical Epithets words describing plants and their meanings
Peat Moss Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss site, all about it
Perry's Perennial Pages information, research, resources, plants and much more
Herbaceous Garden Plants online course, good for training, from Univ. VT
Distance Horticulture Courses established program from Univ. Guelph (CN), now parts online
UConn Plant Database extensive woody plant list, searchable 

Univ. Mass. Turf Program

Univ. Mass Green info (nursery, landscape, urban forestry)

Univ. Mass Floriculture program
Last Page of the Internet says it all, surfing too long?

Publications, Resources

State University Extension clickable map for all states, counties with contact info
SARE northeast funded projects, applied, agriculture, application form
GreenInfo links to associations, resources, other for Northeast professionals
PLANT from Purdue, over 7000 links for the nursery/landscape industry
NRAES meetings, many publications for industry, from Cornell
Articles for free use in marketing and newsletters, many topics, from Univ. VT


Pests, Problems, Poisonous Plants
National Pesticide Information Center good starting point on pesticides and companies

Univ. Mass. weed herbarium (weed pictures)

Insects identification, photos, controls from VA Tech
Cornell Plant Disease Clinic many easily found leaflets on specific crop diseases
Weed Identification great photos and information, from Ontario Ag Ministry
C&P Press Greenbook extensive listing of pesticide labels, manufacturers, msds, searchable
VA Tech Weed Guide lots of info and photos on many weeds, easy to use
Weeds photo ID from Rutgers, find by name or thumbnail photos, NJ
Deer Resistant Perennials listing from University of Vermont of many sources
Deer Resistant Plants listing by plant type, feeding habits described, Univ. MD (pdf file)
Deer Defenses lots of information on habits, controls, resistant plants, Cornell Univ.
Bio Contol great starting point for biological controls of pests and weeds, Cornell Univ.
Database of IPM resources extensive, searchable, good starting point
Poisonous Plants nice site from Cornell Univ, extensive, photos, information, links
Poisonous and Toxic Plant Guide from the U.S. Army, by category or name
Poison Control Centers for all states, note your contact info! first aid information federal gateway to efforts, resources

Natural Resources Conservation Service Invasive and Noxious Weeds
Pest Tracker information by state on exotic pests, from NAPIS
Invasive Plant Atlas of New England lists, extensive descriptions and photos, from Univ. Conn.
Plants Toxic to Animals great lists, photos from Univ. IL veterinary library
Poisonous Plants links to key sites and lists, Canadian government site


Pest and Problem Diagnosis, Soil Tests
Northeast Plant Diagnostic clinics contacts and emails by state, also state ag and markets contacts
ProNewEngland pest management and contacts by state, also invasives, poison plant centers
New England Diagnostic Labs contact information

Univ. Mass. Plant and Tick diagnostic lab

Univ. Mass. soil test lab

American Nursery and Landscape Association (ANLA)
American Society of Landscape Architects
Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA and PLCAA)
Associated Landscape Contractors of Massachusetts (ALCM)
Canada Nursery Landscape Association
Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Associaton
Ecological Landscaping Association (ELA)
GreenInfo links to associations, resources, other for Northeast professionals, from UMass
The International Plant Propagators Society (IPPS)
The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)
Maine Landscape and Nursery Association
Maine Ornamental Horticulture Council has links to other state associations in Maine, too
Massachusetts Arborists Association (MAA)
Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association (MNLA)
National Arborist Association (NAA)
New England Nursery Association
New Hampshire Landscape Association (NHLA)
New Hampshire Plant Growers Association (NHPGA)
New England Greenhouse Conference alternate-year program and expo, resources, pest guide
New England Grows!
New England Regional Turfgrass Foundation (NERTF)
New England Wild Flower Society
New Jersey Nursery and Landscape Association
New York State Nursery and Landscape Association
NOFA Northeast Organic Farmers Association gateway to state chapters and resources, meetings, includes landcare
Pennsylvania Nursery and Landscape Association
Perennial Plant Association (PPA)
Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS)
Professonal Lawn Care Association of America (PLCAA with ALCA)
Rhode Island Nursery and Landscape Association (RINLA)
Southern Nursery Association
Tree Care Industry Association
Turfgrass Producers International
Vermont Association of Professional Horticulturists


National Drought Monitor maps, info from National Center in Lincoln, NE
Old Farmer's Almanac the internet version, lots besides weather worth checking out
NOAA government site for all weather related
NWS National Weather Service easy to use commercial site with many features, services
AccuWeather established commercial site, many products
Environment Canada official Canadian weather, in english or french 

Business Resources

ATTRA National Sustainable Ag Information Service, government site, nursery, turf, other groups
Starting Your Business all kinds of topics and info you need from planning to financing to marketing, from SBA
National Ag Statistics Service government gateway to industry data
Jobs in Horticulture to post or find, by categories
New England Industry Survey latest numbers for region, each state, from NENA and others place to sell equipment, post ads, classifieds, list your business
Horticulture Engineering Rutgers site, latest on greenhouses, resources, links


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