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Geranium 'Patricia'

    Perennial of the Month-- October 2002 

(ger-aa' nee-um) (pronunciation at link, turn up volume if too low)

Common name: Perennial Geranium

Family: Geraniaceae, Geranium

Height x width: 12-18" x 18-24"

Habit:  bushy to sprawling after bloom

Growth rate: moderate to fast

Foliage: palmate, deeply lobed, 2-3" across on long petioles from base

Flowers:  magenta pink (brigher in cooler climates), fading to maroon star-shaped centers with maroon veins, to 3/4" across, 5 petals; late spring in hot climates, midsummer and sporadically until fall in cooler climates

Hardiness:  5 (often 4) -8

Soil: moist, organic and well-drained but will tolerate some drought

Light: sun in cool climates, part shade in hot climates

Pests and problems: none serious

Landscape habit, uses: borders, cottage gardens, large rock gardens, specimen, ground cover if massed

Other interest: hybrid by Alan Bremner of endressii x psilostemon;this has lived for several years in my Vermont zone 4 gardens, and has striking bloom color

Other culture: doesn't tolerate heat and humidity of deep South; cut back after flowering as new foliage emerges, may rebloom in hotter areas in late summer; otherwise low maintenance


Sources: many local and mail order/online catalogs

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