Veronica austriaca subsp. teucrium 'Crater Lake Blue'

Veronica Crater Lake Blue    Perennial of the Month-- June 2016  Perry caricature

 (pronunciation at link)  (ver-ON-eh-cah aus-tree-A-cah)

Common name: Crater Lake Blue speedwell , saw-leaved speedwell, Austrian or Hungarian speedwell

Family:  Plantain, Plantaginaceae (formerly in Scrophulariaceae)

Height x width: 12-18in. x 9-12in.

Growth rate, habit: moderate, mounding to sprawling

Foliage: narrow to 1.5in long, resemble those of germander herb (hence name, Teucrium the genus of germander); ovate to oblong, entire or toothed

Flowers: axillary (upper) racemes 2-4in. long, intense gentian blue 1/2in. across, on stems 12-15in. tall, late spring to early summer

Hardiness: USDA zones 4 to 8 (-20 to -30F average winter minimum temperature)

Soil: average, well-drained, best with organic matter added

Light: full sun best, tolerates part shade

Pests and problems: none significant, tolerates deer and rabbits

Landscape habit, uses: rock gardens, fronts of borders, containers, short cut flower, filler or massed; combines well with Moonshine yarrow, Golden Alexander loosestrife, tickseeds, among daylilies

Other interest: genus supposedly named for St. Veronica, species name for Austria where it is native (also other parts of Europe and east Asia),

Other culture: after flowering cutting back may revitalize and possibly lead to lesser second bloom in late summer in areas of long seasons

Propagation:  spring division if needed

Sources: many online and local perennial nurseries

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