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Perennials and States/Provinces Quiz

Test your knowledge of our 50 U.S. states and 10 Canadian Provinces and their related perennial trivia. Where multiple choice, pick one. Click "Answer" to scroll down the list to the appropriate one, then use your brower's back button to return to the next question. Good luck, and have fun!

Alabama-- This famous gardens is known for its azaleas, camellias, subtropical perennials and its collection of Boehm porcelain birds. What is it? Answer

Alaska-- Remember the state flower? Answer

Arizona-- If you want to see desert perennials, while in Tucson you should visit ____. Answer

Arkansas-- This state has a rose garden at its capitol. In what city is it? Answer

California-- This famous horticultural school has a botanic garden, and float in the annual Pasadena Rose Parade, in addition to many other activities. It is in what city? Answer

Colorado-- Do you know its state flower? Answer

Connecticut-- One of the leading mail-order perennial nurseries with extensive display gardens is located in Litchfield. They are _____. Answer

Delaware-- This former Dupont estate is famous for its spring flowers. It is ____. Answer

District of Columbia-- Yes, this even has a "state flower". Clue--it's a certain variety of rose. Can you quess? Answer

Florida-- A nice gardens for tropical and sub-tropical perennials is located in Sarasota, and is called ____. Answer

Georgia-- Perennial trials for heat tolerance and performance are conducted at the university in: a)Atlanta, b)Albany, or c)Athens? Answer

Hawaii-- This perennial, a shrub in warm climates, is this state's flower. Answer

Idaho-- There are botanical gardens in its capital city. It is ___? Answer

Illinois-- This native wildflower is the state flower, as well as the Birth Flower for March. Chosen by schoolchildren in 1908, it is a)goldenrod, b)trillium, or c)violet?  Answer

Indiana-- Sunken perennial gardens are a feature of this gardens in Indianapolis. What is the name of this garden founded in 1875? Answer

Iowa-- The Horticulture Gardens on this land-grant university campus have several perennial collections in addition to annuals and roses-- the latter dating to early 1900s rose breeding. What city is it in? Answer

Kansas-- This botanical gardens in the heart of Wichita has many theme gardens such as butterfly house, and features native and new plants. Do you know it? Answer

Kentucky-- The state flower is goldenrod, as it is for which other two states? Answer

Louisiana-- Shreveport is the home to which American society's garden? Answer

Maine-- The Deering Parks Rose Circle has over 800 roses, and is in Maine's largest city. What city would this be? Answer

Maryland-- What is this state's wildflower? Answer

Massachusetts-- This garden is actually a college campus in western Massachusetts, designed by Olmstead and Eliot in 1891, and including one of the best rock gardens in New England. What is it, and in what city? Answer

Michigan-- One of the top children's gardens in the country is at the university in this city. What is the university and city? Answer

Minnesota-- What is this state flower, which is considered endangered or threatened in some areas? Answer

Mississippi-- This 6-acre informal garden in the capital Jackson, begun in 1920, features among its perennials bulbs in spring, then roses in summer. Many daylilies hybridized there are also displayed. What is the name of this garden? Answer

Missouri-- The Missouri Botanical Garden is world famous for its many collections, and efforts in plant exploration, botany and plant conservation. It is located in: a)Independence, b)Jefferson, c)St. Louis. Answer

Montana-- The genus of it's state flower was named after the famous early western explorers Lewis and Clark. What is this genus? Answer

Nebraska-- A recent perennial Plant of the Year originated from and was named after the Cornhusker state in 1983. What is this perennial?  Answer

Nevada-- This state's official flower is: a)sagebrush, b)saguaro cactus, or c)yucca? Answer

New Hampshire-- If while in its historic port city of Portsmouth you wanted to see historic gardens, you could find several at which museum?  Answer

New Jersey-- The Presby Memorial Iris Garden contains an extensive collection of iris, numerous types along a stream, and beds historically arranged. What city is it in? Answer

New Mexico-- The capital city has a botanical garden. What city is this? Answer

New York-- This 28-acre garden in the Bronx, overlooking the Hudson, has many unusual perennials in several types of gardens, including an English cottage garden. Do you know it? Answer

North Carolina-- Although known mainly for its woody plants, it also has many perennials on display. What is this relatively new arboretum in Raleigh? Answer

North Dakota-- This famous garden straddles the U.S-Canadian border, with perennials and sunken rose garden with over 2000 bushes. When was the International Peace Garden established? a)1892, b)1932, c)1952 Answer

Ohio-- This garden in Mansfield has over 6000 different plants on its 47 acres, including 400 peonies, 400 daylilies, 1000 irises, 150 dahlias and 50 lilies. What is it? Answer

Oklahoma-- This garden in the capital of Oklahoma City, with extensive perennial and rose beds, in addition to 30 acres of arboretum, and conservatory, are named after a famous actor and humorist of the early 1900s. This garden is called ____? Answer

Oregon-- In it's largest city is an International Test Garden, featuring over 10,000 plants of what plant in its 4 acres? Answer

Pennsylvania-- The world famous Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, west of Philadelphia, was established in 1906 by which Dupont? a)Henry Francis, b)George Philippe, or c) Pierre Samuel Answer

Rhode Island-- Blithewold Gardens in Bristol has a mansion surrounded by several types of gardens including rock, rose, woodland and meadow gardens. It overlooks what bay? Answer

South Carolina-- In addition to perennials at this university garden are many specialty gardens such as a Braille trail, horticulture therapy garden, and garden for the physically challenged. What is the name of the university and city? Answer

South Dakota-- This state's flower can be found blooming in the prairies in the spring. It is: a)violet, b)lupine, or c)pasqueflower? Answer

Tennessee-- This large group of perennials, considered this state's official flower, is: a)rose, b)daylilies, or c)iris? Answer

Texas-- You'd find this state's official flower: a)growing along roadsides and in fields, b)in woods, or c)in the desert? Answer

Utah-- The Utah botanical gardens, founded in 1954, contain several perennial gardens. You would find them in: a)Salt Lake City, b)Farmington, or c)Provo? Answer

Vermont-- This state's official flower can be found growing along roadsides and in fields. It is: a)goldenrod, b)Queen Anne's Lace, or c)Red Clover? Answer

Virginia-- In addition to the 1/4 million azalea plants at this botanical garden are 3-acre rose garden, colonial garden, and garden for the blind among others. What city is this 175 acre garden in? Answer

Washington-- What river valley north of Seattle is famous for its bulb fields in spring? Answer

West Virginia-- Sunrise Museum consists of a restored mansion and 16-acre estate, including perennial, rose and iris gardens. It is in the capital city of ______? Answer

Wisconsin-- This 680-acre botanical garden in Hales Corner has over 400 lilacs, about 50,000 tulips, over 5000 roses, walled peony garden, almost 500 rock plants, about 500 irises, and much more. What is this extensive garden?  Answer

Wyoming-- The scientific name of this state's flower is Castillejia lineariaefolia. What is its common name? Answer

Canadian Provinces

Alberta-- For hardiness information on perennials you could visit or contact this botanical garden at the University of Alberta. Where would you go? Answer

British Columbia-- This famous garden, among its many collections and gardens, is illuminated at night and has a large sunken garden with fountain. It is ____? Answer

Manitoba-- This famous research station has led to the introduction of many new ornamentals, especially suited for the north. Most recently this has included several bee balms. It goes by the name of the city where located, which is?  Answer

New Brunswick-- The provincial flower was chosen in 1936. What is it? Answer

Newfoundland-- Memorial University Botanic Garden in the capital city is a good place to find hardy plants for this province, as well as historic plants used here. What is this city? Answer

Nova Scotia-- These historic gardens depict flower used by early Acadian settlers, as well as later Victorian inhabitants. It is located in the western coastal city of _____. Answer

Ontario-- The Royal Botanic Gardens comprise over 2000 acres, including among its major perennial collections roses and iris. What city do you find it in: a)Windsor, b)Toronto, of c)Hamilton? Answer

Prince Edward Island-- This Province is on the same latitude as northern Maine, yet being an island it has a tempered climate from the water. Average annual minimum temperatures here are generally: a)10 to 0F, b)0 to -10F, or c)-10 to -20F? Answer

Quebec-- The Montreal Botanic Garden is considered among the top in the world, with upwards of 30,000 plant species on its 190 acres, with a diverse collection of gardens. Its northern climate is tempered by what major river? Answer

Saskatchewan-- Its state flower is on its flag. It is the ____. Answer


AL-- Bellingrath Gardens

AK-- Alpine forget-me-not, Myosotis alpestris

AZ-- Sonoran Desert Museum

AR-- Little Rock

CA-- San Luis Obispo

CO-- Blue Columbine, Aquilegia caerulea

CT-- White Flower Farm

DE-- Winterthur

DC-- 'American Beauty' rose

FL-- Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

GA-- Athens

HI-- Hibiscus, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

ID-- Boise

IL-- native violet, Viola species

IN-- Garfield Park Conservatory

IA-- Ames

KS-- Botanica, The Wichita Gardens

KY-- Alabama, Nebraska

LA-- American Rose Society Garden

ME-- Portland

MD-- Black-eyed Susan, Rudbeckia hirta

MA-- Smith College campus, Northampton

MI-- Michigan State University, Lansing

MN-- Showy Lady's Slipper, Cypripedium reginae

MS-- Mynelle Gardens

MO-- St. Louis

MT-- Lewisia, Lewisia rediviva

NE-- Husker's Red Penstemon, Penstemon digitalis 'Husker's Red'

NV-- Sagebrush, Artemisia tridentata

NH-- Strawberry Banke Museum

NJ-- Upper Montclair

NM-- Sante Fe

NY-- Wave Hill at 675 West 252 St.

NC-- J.C. Raulston Arboretum, NC State Univ.

ND-- 1932

OH-- Kingwood Center

OK-- Will Rogers Horticultural Gardens

OR-- roses

PA-- Pierre Samuel

RI-- Narragansett Bay

SC-- Clemson

SD-- Pasqueflower, Anemone patens

TN-- Iris

TX-- along roadsides, Texas bluebonnet, Lupinus subcarnosus

UT-- Utah State University, Farmington

VT-- Red Clover, Trifolium pratense

VA-- Norfolk

WA-- Skagit River Valley

WV-- Charleston

WI-- Alfred L. Boerner Botanical Gardens

WY-- Indian paintbrush

AB-- Devonian Botanic Garden, Edmonton

BC-- Butchart Gardens, Victoria

NB-- Purple Violet

MB-- Morden

NF-- Saint Johns

NS-- Annapolis Royal

ON-- Hamilton

PEI-- USDA zone 5, -10 to -20F

PQ-- St. Lawrence

SK-- Western Red Lily

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