University of Vermont Extension System
Department of Plant and Soil Science

Herbaceous Perennial Container Production
--considerations, resources
Leonard P. Perry, Extension Professor


    --wholesale: pot size varies with buyer
    --landscapers: larger plants usually
    --consumers: smaller plants usually (varies with market), service, information, price? (price conscious best left to mass markets)
    --collectors: unusual, specific groups/genera     --retail: people oriented, less production, more finished material
    --wholesale: more plant oriented, propagation/production/both
    --diverse with other aspects (landscaping): production for own use, or if retail, or not depending on focus This will depend on: type of business (available time), labor
This will determine: type of production, if any     Space for production, in greenhouse or nursery?
    Climate, such as overwintering needs in north
    Relation to market, wholesale or retail

Types of Production—Field

Types of Production—Containers Greenhouse or Nursery? --if exists already, production system focus for potted crops and bedding

--propagation, more demanding crops

--if no greenhouse, less structural costs

--if greenhouse space for higher value crops

--less demanding crops

Production begins with:

(more details in propagation leaflets, resources)


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