University of Vermont Extension System
Department of Plant and Soil Science

Perennial Container Production--finishing
Leonard P. Perry, Extension Professor


--UVM nursery study with daylilies, salable growth at 100ppm N, maximum growth at 400ppm N
--lower rates mean less fertilizer cost and runoff
--often excess fertility may result in excess foliage and fewer flowers

CRF fertility

    --often similar results with CRF or liquid --easier at mixing, less chance of burn
--often no growth differences (UVM study) --timed may release when little growth
--temperature ones may release too quickly or slowly depending on crop
--new temperature release products by region

Organic Fertility

Media --decisions often function of cost, availability, preferences for ingredients
--UVM studies showed similar growth between bark-based media
--UVM studies showed similar growth among peat-lite, and media containing coir (coconut husk) rockwool, compost
--compost-based had similar growth, but poor water retention and rooting-- look at roots, not just tops --weed seeds, diseases, needs pasteurizing

Media Amendments

--average 20-40% solids, rest air and water --UVM study showed no improvement using, often less growth at higher levels

Keys to media success

Light --300-400ft-c, 16hrs Height control --results in more compact, often from just air movement as HAF (horizontal air flow) --night temperature = day temperature (65 ° avg.), sunrise, lower by 5-10° for 2 hours
--may result in less fertility needed, works for many perennials --generally no PGRs (plant growth regulators), use cultural instead
--if use, effective on wide range of species
--B-Nine 2,500-5,000ppm, Sumagic 5-15ppm
--sprench: between drench with runoff, and spray; directed spray; coarse spray


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