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"B" Terms

Now these are some terms starting with "b" to test your knowledge! (good for trivia and crosswords) Match the term with the definition. Answers are at the bottom. Find thousands more at the GardenWeb (   

1. baccate a. berry-like
2. backcross b. residue of sugar cane after juice is extracted, used in growing mixes
3. bagasse cross a first generation hybrid back with one of its parents
4. basal d. occurring twice a year
5. berm e. occurring once every two years
6. biannual f. arising from the base of stems as with leaves
7. biennial g. a scientific names consisting of genus and species
8. bifid h. cleft or divided into two parts
9. binomial i. twice divided, primary leaflets divided again into secondary leaflets
10. bipinnate j. a mound or wall of earth



1. a

2. c

3. b

4. f

5. j

6. d

7. e

8. h

9. g

10. i

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