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Colorful Perennial Groundcovers for dry habitats

These perennials are often found in the Southwestern states.  Most are hardy to USDA zones 7-8.  Many are wildflowers.  Unlike perennials of eastern states, most of these are evergreen or semievergreen, often with a long bloom period in the southwest.  Can you identify them, matching names with descriptions? (height x width)  answers below.
1. Bush Morning glory a. 2x3ft, yellow/orange/gold flowers year round
2.  Trailing Dalea b.  2x3ft, white flowers, spring
3. Lantana c. 2x4ft, blue flowers, winter-spring
4.  Myoporum d. 2x6ft, lavender-purple flower clusters, spring-summer
5.  Tufted Evening Primrose e. 6inx6ft, small white flowers, spring
6. Saltillo Primrose f.  1x2ft, large white flowers fading pink, spring-fall
7. Trailing Rosemary g. 1x2ft, purple flowers, spring-fall
8. Katie Ruellia h. 6inx4ft, yellow flowers, spring-fall
9. Creeping Germander i. 18in.x6ft, small yellow daisies, spring-summer
10. Yellow Dot j. 6in.x3ft,  pale pink flowers, winter-spring



1. b

2. d

3. a

4. e

5. f

6. h

7. c


9. j

10. i

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