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If you like these very early spring bulbs (you'd be termed by the British a "galanthophile" after the Galanthus genus), check out Carolyn's Shade Gardens in Bryn Mawr PA, perhaps this country's top source for these (  Match the cultivar to description, and learn some of the diversity in this genus.  Answers at the bottom.

1.elwesii a. hybrid double, rounded flowers, flaring cupped outer segments
2. 'Hippolyta' b. giant snowdrop species
3. 'Lady Beatrix Stanley' c. double, tightly packed inner rosette of petals with two split green marks
4. nivalis 'Flore Pleno' d. double common, green centers, oldest cultivated dating to 1703
5. 'Pusey Green Tips' e. large, rounded, sweet scent, heart-shaped green mark on inner petal tips
6. 'S. Arnott' f. from UK village of that name, inner and outer petals with green marks on tips
7. woronowii g. late flowering species, glossy green leaves, green marks on inner segments
8. 'Cornwood Gem' h. hybrid double, tight inner rosette, 5 separate outer petals, late flowering, originally from 1911 in County Tipperary, Ireland
9. 'Xmas' i. giant snowdrop, rounded flowers, green x-mark on inner petals
10. 'Hill Poe' j. upright flower scapes, blooms held outward, V-shape green mark on inner petals, from UK Devon village of that name



1. b

2. a

3. c

4. d

5. f

6. e

7. g

8. j

9. i

10. h

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