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Plant names and their legends

Match the plant name to its fascinating origin or history.  answers below.  
1. the plant celebrated in architecture, used by the Greeks to adorn the caps of Corinthian columns a. Dodecatheon
2. ancient herb found in a 60,000 year old Neanderthal burial site in Iraq b. Acanthus
3. plant said to cure the plague, as revealed to a monk by an angel c.  Hypericum
4. from the Greek for hand and flower, referring to these carried in the hand as a bouquet d. Achillea
5.  from the Greek for twelve, Pliny relating this to the twelve Olympian gods perhaps because the flowers sometimes appear in twelves  e. Cheiranthus
6. said to be named by Linnaeus after Helen of Troy, whose tears upon touching the ground gave rise to these flowers f. Angelica
7.  placed above an image in a house to ward off evil spirits, when flowers were in bloom in late June during the festival of St. John g.  Paeonia
8.  one of the oldest plant names, Latin for the name of a Greek nymph who was turned into this herb h. Passiflora
9. named after the physician to the Gods in Homer's Iliad, who used this plant to heal the wound that Hercules inflicted on Pluto i. Mentha
10.  parts of this flower are said to represent various aspects of the life and crucifixion of Christ, as the corona the  crown of thorns, the ten petal-like parts the 10 faithful apostles j. Helenium



1. b, bear's breeches

2. d, yarrow

3. f, angelica

4. e, wallflower

5. a, shooting star

6. j

7. c (St. John's wort)

8. i, Helen's flower

9. g, peony

10. h, passionflower

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