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Word scramble--deer "resistant" perennials

Hungry enough and deer will eat most any plant, but some are less attractive so more resistant to their feeding.  Can you unscramble the following  genus names for several examples of these?    answers below.

1.  a e a c h i l l 

2. l a m i u l

3. p a b s i t a i

4. s u t h n i a d

5. b e u p h o r i a

6. n a r e g i u m

7. s i r i

8. r e t h o o n e a

9. p r k u s e o i a

10. c a n i r o v e




2. allium

3. baptisia

4. dianthus

5. euphorbia

6. geranium

7. iris

8. oenothera

9. perovskia

10. veronica

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