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Public Gardens

Match the following gardens, featured on this website as Gardens of the Month over the past couple years, with a fact about them.  
1. Meadowbrook Farm  a. Philadelphia, affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania 
2. Morris Arboretum b. tranquil park with labyrinth path, near Ocala FL
3.  Florida Botanical Gardens c.  in southern VT, home and gardens of Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd (prior to his passing)
4.  Shalom Park d. Richmond VA, features a Victorian style conservatory
5.  Montreal Botanical Gardens e.  the world-famous Pierre S. Dupont estate west of Philadelphia
6.  Chanticleer Garden f. late 1800's estate in NH of American writer/diplomat John Hay
7.  North Hill Garden g.  near Philadelphia, 30 acres of many gardens including a  "ruins"
8.  The Fells h. Largo, a Pinellas county park and Extension service center
9. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden i. holds largest lantern festival outside China each fall
10.  Longwood Gardens j. gardens of the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society, former Pennock estate in Philadelphia area



1. j

2. a

3. h

4. b

5. i

6. g

7. c

8. f

9. d

10. e

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