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Perennials for Fallscaping

Still want your garden to perform and provide color in fall?  Then consider those perennials below.  Match descriptions to the cultivars (cultivated varieties).   answers below.  For more ideas on fall plants and design, see the book on Fallscaping, by Ondra and Cohen, Storey Publ.
1. 'Fireworks' a.  Solidago,  goldenrod,  3-4ft tall, sprays of yellow flowers
2. 'Northwind' b.  Actaea, black snakeroot, white flower spikes, 3-4ft tall
3.  'James Compton' c. Panicum, switchgrass,  olive green turning yellow shades
4.  'Peach Flambe' d.  x Heucheralla, foamy bells, yellow leaves with red markings
5.  'Stoplight' e.  Heuchera, coral bells, orange pink leaves all season
6.  'Blue Twister' f.  Allium, corkscrew chives, slender blue-green twisted leaves, 1ft tall
7.  'Avalanche' g. Chelone, turtlehead, rosy pink flower spikes
8. 'Hot Lips' h.  Helianthus, perennial sunflower, yellow daisies,  6-ft tall and wide
9.  'Shenandoah' i.  Panicum, switchgrass,  green blades tipped red, turning burgundy
10.  'Lemon Queen' j.  Calamagrostis,  feather reed grass, green blades with white centers



1.  a

2.  c

3.  b

4.  e

5.  d

6.  f

7.  j

8.  g

9.  i

10.  h

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