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The purple coneflower (Echinacea) is not just purple anymore, with many new introductions in various flower colors and structures.  Most have flower petals held horizontal (unless noted), unlike traditional coneflowers with petals reflexed downwards at full bloom.  Most all coneflowers are quite hardy (USDA zone 3 or 4).  Match flower descriptions to these recent cultivars (cultivated varieties).   answers below. 
1. 'Pica Bella' a. also known as Summer Sky, orange yellow bicolor
2. 'Virgin' b. white, an introduction from Piet Oudolf
3. 'Green Envy' c. dark orange, from Terra Nova
4. 'Green Jewel' d. coral, anemone type flowers from Terra Nova
5. 'Katie Saul' e. light green petals, darker green cone, compact
6. 'Tiki Torch' f. starts green, turns purple at petal bases and cone
7. 'Coral Reef' g. bright yellow with orange cones, from Terra Nova
8. 'Maui Sunshine' h. white, double, in cone-fections series
9. 'Meringue' i. bright orange,  pompom centers, cone-fections series
10. 'Hot Papaya' j. thin pink petals



1.  j

2.  b

3.  f

4.  e

5.  a

6.  c

7.  d

8.  g

9.  h

10. i

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