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Drink to these perennials

Some perennials are named after popular drinks and beverages, often from the resemblance of their leaf colors.  Can you identify them, matching names with descriptions?   answers below.
1. Ginger Ale a.  Heuchera, light yellow leaves
2.  Lime Rickey b.  Hibiscus, round pink flowers with red throat
3. Southern Comfort c. Heuchera, chartreuse ruffled leaves
4.  Merlot d. Hibiscus, rose-red large flowers
5.  Blackberry Wine e. Heuchera, cinnamon peach to copper leaves
6. Plum Wine f.  Crinum, dark purple reflexed leaves, rose-pink flowers
7. Orange Punch g. Echinacea, 5in. flowers rose pink, dark red-black stems
8. Sangria h. Canna, orange flowers in pendant racemes
9. Peppermint Schnapps i. Corydalis, blue-green leaves, purple flowers
10. Brandy Punch j. Campanula, silvery gray-blue leaves, pink bell flowers



1. a

2. c

3. e

4. g

5. i

6. j

7. h


9. d

10. b

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