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Flowers at the Zoo

Some flowers are named after animals and wildlife, having plant parts resembling them.  See how well you know these!
1. attracts bees a. Stachys
2. attracts butterflies b. Miscanthus
3. red as a Cardinal c. Lobelia cardinalis
4. bells white as hares d. Monarda
5. seeds resembling a crane's beak e. Asclepias
6. seeds are as small as ticks f. Bergenia
7. soft as a lamb's ear g. Geranium
8. rub the glossy big leaf to hear the pig squeak h. Campanula rotundifolia
9. caterpillars ("worms") don't bother this  i. Coreopsis
10. gold horizontal stripes on leaves, reminding one of a zebra j. Artemisia

1. d Bee Balm
2. e Butterfly Flower/Weed
3. c Cardinal Flower
4. h Harebells
5. g Cranesbill
6. i Tickseed
7. a Lamb's Ear
8. f Pig Squeak
9. j Wormwood
10. b Zebra Grass, 'Zebrinus' cultivar

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