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Walker’s Low Catmint

Each year the Perennial Plant Association, the professional industry association, votes on and names a plant of the year.  This is a plant the majority of growers and landscapers feel deserves wider recognition.  The winner for 2007 is Walker’s Low catmint (Nepeta x faassenii).  How well do you know this plant?  Answers are listed at the bottom.

Choose true or false for each statement.

1. Walker’s Low is a low plant.
2. This plant is quite attractive to cats.
3. It grows best in full sun.
4. It tolerates drought once established.
5. It is hardy to USDA zones 4-7.
6. The lavender blue flowers appear in spring.
7. Butterflies like it.
8. Propagate plants by seeds.
9. This cultivar is from a hybrid species.
10. Powdery mildew is a significant disease.

1. false.  It is actually named for a garden in Ireland where it was found in the 1970’s by Mrs. Patricia Taylor. It may be one of the larger catmints, to 18in. or more high.
2.  false.  Generally it is not very attractive, even though it contains the same attractive compound (nepetalactone) as true catmint (N. cataria).
3. true.  In the south it may tolerate part shade.
4. true.  This is one of its many features.
5. true.
6. false.  They appear in early summer south, mid-summer north, and for a long period.
7. true.  Bees and hummingbirds like it too.
8. false.  It is sterile, so divide in spring, or make terminal cuttings in summer.
9. true.  The plant names for the species are a bit confused, depending on authority.
10. false.  It is possible but usually not seen or significant.  In fact it is relatively free of pests and problems.

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