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Yellow in the Garden

Test your knowledge of some yellow flowering perennials. Read descriptions carefully! Answers are at the bottom.

1. blooms in early spring, forms a clump 18-24 across and 12-18" high
a. Euphorbia epithymoides
b. Trollius pumilus
c. Lathyrus vernus
d. Corydalis lutea

2. NOT a cultivar of Helen's Flower (named for Helen of Troy) or Helenium (often called Sneezeweed in error, as it doesn't make one sneeze, rather the ragweed blooming at the same time and lurking less obvious in the background.) This genus has beautiful fall colors for the early fall garden.
a. Moerheim Beauty
b. Coppelia
c. Waldtraut
d. Fireworks

3. A Goldenrod (again, doesn't make you sneeze as is commonly believed), 18" tall, basal foliage, makes a groundcover or good in masses.
a. Fireworks
b. Golden Fleece
c. Lemoine
d. luteus

4. A tall daylily with yellow flowers.
a. Joan Senior
b. Joan Junior
c. Hyperion
d. Happy Returns

5. A yellow daylily, about 18" tall, with recurrent blooming.
a. Joan Senior
b. Joan Junior
c. Hyperion
d. Happy Returns

6. An asiatic lily, yellow of course.
a. Connecticut King
b. Menton
c. Vivaldi
d. Pompei

7. Yes, there is a sedum with yellow flowers too!
a. Brilliant
b. dasyphyllum
c. sieboldii
d. reflexum

8. A loosestrife (quite agressive by its roots), upright, about 12-16" tall.
a. clethroides
b. nummularia
c. punctata
d. salicaria

9. A relatively new double Heliopsis.
a. Bressingham Doubloon
b. Lorraine Sunrise
c. Summer Sun
d. Lemon Queen

10. A Coreopsis with fine foliage, and of course yellow flowers.
a. lutea
b. Sweet Dreams
c. Early Sunrise
d. Moonbeam

1. a
2. d
3. b
4. c
5. d
6. a
7. d
8. c
9. a
10. d

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