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Meet the Aster family

One of the largest families of perennials are the asters (Asteraceae, formerly Compositae).  These often (but not always) have the typical daisy-like flowers, which are actually composites of ray flowers (the "petals" which really aren't petals), and the disc flowers (the centers).  Match the following cultivars with their genus in this family.  answers below..
1. 'Moonshine' a. Boltonia
2. 'Huntington' b. Aster
3. 'Monch' c. Artemesia
4. 'Snowbank' d. Achillea
5. 'Moonbeam' e. Erigeron
6. 'Magnus' f. Gaillardia
7. 'Coppelia' g. Eupatorium
8. 'Gateway' h. Echinacea
9. 'Dimity' i. Coreopsis
10. 'Fanfare' j. Helenium



1. d

2. c
3. b
4. a
5. i
6. h
7. j
8. g
9. e
10. f


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