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Geraniums (NOT Pelargoniums!)

Perennial Geraniums are just that, perennial (except some species in cold climates), and in the genus Geranium. Pelargonium is the genus of the common and popular annual bedding geraniums, and in most countries outside the U.S. as called pelargoniums. Test your knowledge of perennial geraniums, matching the correct name in the right column to description on the left. There is lots of variation in this genus as you can see, with some for most gardens and tastes. Answers are at the bottom.
1. bright magenta flowers, 18" stems, chartreuse leaves a. Biokovo
2. white to violet flowers, violet veins, 12" tall, rounded leathery leaves b. renardii
3. white-tinged pink flowers, 5-6" tall, cultivar of cantabrigiense c. Johnson's Blue
4. raspberry-pink flowers, 5-6" tall, another cultivar of cantabrigiense d. Samobar
5. pink flowers, early bloom, a maculatum cultivar e. Lily Lovell
6. blue, cup-shaped flowers, 15-18" tall f. Ann Folkard
7. lilac-purple flowers, double, 15-18" tall, himalayense cultivar g. Karmina
8. light lavender flowers, 24-30" tall, phaeum cultivar h. Chatto
9. pink-purple flowers, 18" stems, maple-like leaves with dark zones i. Apple Blossom
10. pink flowers, 6" mound, gray-green foliage, drought resistant j. Plenum

1. f
2. b
3. a
4. g
5. h
6. c
7. j
8. e
9. d
10. i

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