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David Austin Roses

Many popular roses have been bred in England by David Austin, supposedly to have the fragrance and other characters of antique roses, and with the rebloom of modern roses (however, in our cooler Vermont summers this often does not occur).  See how well you know this frequently found group of roses by matching the description with the name on the right.  Answers are at the bottom.


1. 1985, apricot, double, 5' tall, can climb a. Constance Spry
2. 1961, light pink, very double, can climb, non-recurrent b. Gertrude Jekyll
3. 1991, apricot, very double, 3-4', large cupped flowers c. Evelyn
4. 1986, medium pink, very double, 4' d. Heritage
5. 1983, dark yellow, double, 4' e. Graham Thomas
6. 1984, light pink, double, 4' f.  Fair Bianca
7. 1986, dark red, very double, 3' g. Shropshire Lass
8. 1968, light pink, semidouble, 8' or climbing, nonrecurrent h. Charlotte
9. 1982, white, very double, 3' i. Othello
10. 1993, yellow, very double, 3', repeats well j. Abraham Darby

1. j
2. a
3. c
4. b
5. e
6. d
7. i
8. g
9. f
10. h

You can read more on roses in general including other classes, at my online PSS123 course notes.

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