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Patriotic Perennials

Match the patriotic cultivars on the right, with the appropriate descriptions on the left. (This quiz Made In America)
1. hosta, sport of Loyalist, dark green, creamy white centers a. Washington
2. astilbe, lilac-rose b. Freedom
3. hosta, sport of Francee, green with wide white margins c. Revolution
4. astilbe, white d. Constitution
5. canna, grey-purple foliage, light pink flowers, bred by Longwood Gardens e. American Revolution
6. hosta, sport of Glory, gold leaf, green edges f. America
7. peruvian lily, reddish white g. Old Glory
8. coralbells, marbled foliage, pink flowers h. America
9. daylily, velvety dark red flowers i. Patriot
10. peony, single, deep red j. Freedom

1. c
2. f/h
3. i
4. a
5. d
6. g
7. j/b
8. b/j
9. e
10. h/f

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