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Don't Mow the Grass

There are many great ornamental grasses for gardens, in various colors and textures, with quite a few hardy even in the north. They've become more popular in recent years, but still could be used much more in most gardens. For the most part they are quite low maintenance, and these are grasses you don't have to mow! (Answers are at the bottom.)

1. This grass forms a blue mound, 18-24" high and across.
a. Helictotrichon
b. Deschampsia
c. Molinia
d. Festuca

2. This is a reddish leaved cultivar of Switch Grass.
a. Dallas Blue
b. Heavy Metal
c. Cloud Nine
d. Shenandoah

3. This popular Miscanthus is vertically variegated with narrow leaves.
a. Gracillimus
b. November Sunset
c. Morning Light
d. Zebrinus

4. Which Fountain Grass cultivar is about 24-30" high?
a. Karley Rose
b. Hameln
c. Little Bunny
d. Little Honey

5. Which Miscanthus is the tallest?
a. Autumn Light
b. November Sunset
c. Sarabande
d. Dixieland

6. Grouped with grasses, but not botanically a grass, is:
a. Chasmanthium
b. Festuca
c. Calamagrostis
d. Carex

7. A popular cultivar of the Feather Reed Grass is:
a. Karl Foerster
b. Dallas Blue
c. Heavy Metal
d. Kaskade

8. This grass cultivar is blue, reaches 6-12" high, and is effective massed in fronts of borders.
a. Dallas Blue
b. Sapphire
c. Elijah Blue
d. Blue Bayou

9. Few grasses do well in shade, but this one does.
a. Carex 'Ice Dance'
b. Hakonechloa 'Aureola'
c. Ophiopogon
d. all the above

10. Watch out where you place this one, as it is a vigorous spreader.
a. Molinia
b. Monlina
c. Phalaris
d. Panicum


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