1998 Vermont Rose Trials
Horticulture Research Center, So. Burlington VT

Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont

Species, cv type flw color flw type flw cycle fragrant hxw year notes
acicularis species x rose single   yes 3x3 1805 very early, circumpolar
Adelaide Hoodless Parkland red, bright semi-dbl recurrent yes 3x3    
Agnes Rugosa yel dbl recurrent yes 5x4 1922  
alba maxima Alba white semi-dbl   yes 6x4 old Jacobite R., org hips
alba semi-plena Alba white semi-dbl   yes 6x5 pre1473 White Rose of York, gray-gr fol
Alchymist Shrub apricot double   yes 6x6 1956 Germany
Alex MacKenzie Explorer red, deep   recurrent   5x5    
Alika Gallica red double   yes 6x6 pre1906  
Amy Robsart Shrub pink single   yes 8x6 1894 Engand, eglantaria, nice hips
Anna Zinkeisen Shrub white double   yes 4x4 1983 Harkness--England
Anne of Geierstein Shrub orange-red single   yes 8x6 1894 England, eglantaria, scented, nice hips
Applejack Shrub              
Armada Shrub pink semi-dbl continual yes 4x4 1988 Harkness--England
Assiniboine Shrub red semi-dbl recurrent   4x4   from Canada
Autumn Bouquet Shrub pink double continual yes 4x4 1948  
Birdie Blye Shrub pink double recurrent yes 5x5 1904 USA
Blanc Double de Coubert Rugosa white double recurrent yes 5x4 1892 fall color
blanda species pink single   yes 5x5 old Hudson's Bay/Labrador Rose, thornless
Bonica Meidiland              
Camaieux Gallica white,red double   yes 3x3 1830 France
Canary Bird Shrub yellow single early yes 5x5   arching branches, nice hips, R. xanthina
cantabrigiensis species yellow single early yes 6x6 old tiny foliage, nice hips
Captain Samuel Holland Explorer red double continual   6x6    
Cardinal Hume Shrub red single recurrent yes 3x3 1984 Harkness--England
centifolia Centifolia pink double   yes 6x6 1596 Provence or Cabbage Rose"
Champlain Explorer red       4x4 1982  
Charles Albanel Explorer pink semi-dbl recurrent yes 2x3 1982  
Charles de Mills Gallica red dbl   yes 5x6    
Complicata Gallica              
Conditorum Gallica purple-red semi-dbl   yes 4x4 old Hungarian Rose
Constance Spry David Austin pink     yes 5x3 1961  
Country Dancer Shrub              
Cuthbert Grant Parkland wine red   recurrent   3x3 1967  
David Thompson Explorer              
Delicata Rugosa lilac pink semi-dbl recurrent yes 4x5 1898  
eglanteria species x pink single   yes 7x6 old Sweetbriar of Eng., fragrant lvs, red hips
Elveshorn Shrub red double   yes 3x3 1985 Kordes, thorny
Essex Shrub pink single continual   2x4 1988 Denmark, large clusters, trailing
Felicite Parmentier Alba pale pk dbl   yes 5x5 1834  
Flower Carpet Shrub pink double recurrent   3x3 1990 Ger., fall color; die WP 97
foetida bicolor species orange single   yes 6x6 pre1590 Austrian Copper
Frontenac Explorer pink double recurrent yes 4x4 1992 abundant bloom in clusters
Fru Dagmar Hastrup Rugosa pink single recurrent   4x4 1914 fall color, large red hips, large flowers
gallica officinalis Gallica red semi-dbl   yes 4x3 midages Apothecary's R, Red R. of Lancaster
George Vancouver Explorer red double recurrent   3x3 1994 disease resistant, nice hips
Geranium Moyesii              
glauca (rubrifolia) species x pink single     6x5 old pur-red stems, gray-gr lvs, red hips
Grootendorst Supreme Rugosa red dbl recurrent   4x5 1936 clustered flowers
Gros Chou d'Hollande Centifolia             "Big Cabbage of Holland"
Hansa Rugosa red-pur double recurrent spicy 7x7 1905 red hips
Harrison's Yellow species x yellow semi-dbl     5x3 1830 foetida x spinosissima x xanthina
Henri Martin Moss red-pur dbl   yes 5x8 1863 among hardiest of Moss
Henry Hudson Explorer white semi-dbl recurrent spicy 3x4 1976  
Henry Kelsey Explorer red semi-dbl recurrent   7x5 1984 arching, hardy
hugonis species x yellow single     8x6 old China, Father Hugo's R., arching canes
Ispahan Damask pink double long yes 5x5 pre1802  
J.P. Connell Explorer yel recurrent   yes 4x3 1987 few thorns
Jens Munk Explorer pink double recurrent spicy 5x5 1974  
John Cabot Explorer red double     6x6 1978 partially recurrent
John Davis Explorer pink double recurrent   8x5   long canes
John Franklin Explorer red semi-dbl recurrent   3x3    
Koenigen von Daenemark Alba pink dbl   yes 5x5 1826  
Leander David Austin apricot       6x3   partially recurrent
Leda Damask pink double recurrent yes 5x5 pre1827 "Painted Damask"
Louis Jolliet Explorer pink double   yes 4x4 1990 clustered bloom, disease resistant
Madame Hardy Damask wht dbl   yes 5x5 1832  
Magnifica Shrub pk-red dbl     4x5 1905 eglanteria, org-red fall hips
Maidens Blush Alba pink dbl   yes 6x6 1738  
Marguerite Hilling species x pink single recurrent yes 6x6 1959 England, hardy, Moyesii hybrid
Martin Frobisher Explorer pink double recurrent light 5x4 1968 no hips, red winter canes
Meidiland Alba Meidiland white double continual   2x2   small fls
Meidiland Cherry Meidiland red            
Meidiland Fuchsia Meidiland pink semi-dbl recurrent   2x2    
Meidiland Pearl Meidiland white            
Meidiland Pink Meidiland pink single continual   5x5    
Meidiland Scarlet Meidiland red double continual   3x3    
Meidiland White Meidiland white            
Mont Blanc Rugosa white semi-dbl recurrent yes 4x4 1986 fall hips, Ger.
Monte Casino Rugosa red           one of best shrub reds
Monte Rosa Rugosa pink semi-dbl recurrent yes 4x4 1986 fall hips, Ger.
Morden Amorette Parkland pink double   yes 2x2 1977 disease resistant
Morden Blush Parkland pink ivory long     3x3 1988  
Morden Cardinette Shrub red double     2x3 1980 dwarf, Canada
Morden Centennial Parkland pink   recurrent yes 4x4 1980 lg fls, dk fol.
Morden Fireglow Parkland red double recurrent   3x3 1989  
Morden Ruby Parkland red, ruby double recurrent   2x2   small fls
multiflora inermis species x wht       10x10 old Korea,Japan, thornless, arching, hips
Nevada species x white, pink single recurrent yes 6x6 1927 Spain, flushed pink, Moyesii hybrid
Orange Triumph Polyantha red     yes 4x4 1937 Germany, hardy, disease resistant
Parfum de L'Hay Rugosa red, dark single   yes 4x4 1901 strongest rugosa scent, dk gr fol.
Perpetual White Moss Moss white       4x3 old sport of Q. Saisons, brown-gr mossy
Prairie Dawn Parkland pink double recurrent   5x5    
Prairie Star Shrub pink double   yes 3x3 1975 USA, disease resistant
primula species yellow single   yes 6x6 old China, Incense R., arching, frag. fol.
Quatre Saisons Damask pink double recurrent yes 4x3 BC Autumn Damask, damascena bifera
Redoute' David Austin pink       4x4 1992 sport of Mary Rose
Refulgence Shrub red semi-dbl     8x6 1909 England, eglantaria, scented foliage
Rosa Mundi Gallica pink/red semi-dbl   yes 4x5 pre1581 gallica versicolor, oldest striped
Rose of Castile Damask pink double   yes 5x5 pre1600 species "Damask" rose
Rotes Meer Rugosa dk red semi-dbl   yes 3x3 1984 German Purple "Pavement", hips
Schneekoppe Rugosa white semi-dbl recurrent   3x3 1986 Snow Pavement, lilad blush
Schneezwerg Rugosa white semi-dbl recurrent   4x4 1912 Snow Dwarf, red hips
Sea Foam Shrub white double continual yes 2x6 1964 disease resistant, groundcover
Seven Sisters Shrub              
Shropshire Lass David Austin pink semi-dbl   yes 8x8 1968 climbing
Simon Fraser Explorer pink semi-dbl continual   2x3 1992  
Sir Thomas Lipton Rugosa white dbl recurrent        
Snow Pavement shrub white           Ger. Pavement series
Soleil d'Or species x yellow double   yes 3x3 1900 France, foetida hybrid
spinosissima altaica species white single early yes 5x5 old West Asia, nice hips
Stanwell Perpetual species x pink double   yes 4x4 1838 damascena bifera x spin., rebloom
Starina miniature red            
Striped Moss Moss pink blend double   yes 3x3 1888 France, Oeillet Panachee
Sunblaze miniature yellow            
Sweet Sunblaze miniature pink            
The Fairy Polyantha              
Therese Bugnet Rugosa pink double   yes 5x4 1950 repeats, arching, gray-gr fol, fall color
Tuscany Gallica red double   yes 3x3 1596 velvety, purplish, gold stamens
Tuscany Superb Gallica red double   yes 4x4 pre1848 purplish
Westerland Shrub apricot double   yes 8x6 1969 Germany, disease resistant
White Bath Moss white double   yes 5x5 1810 England, "White Moss"
Wild Flower David Austin white single     2x3 1986  
William Baffin Explorer pink semi-dbl recurrent   8x6 1983 hardy climber
Winchester Cathedral David Austin white       4x4   sport of Mary Rose
Windrush David Austin yel wht       4x3 1984  
Winnipeg Parks Parkland red double   yes 3x3 1991 Canada
xanthina species x yellow semi-dbl very early   6x4 old Asia, Manchu R.
York & Lancaster Damask wht-red     yes 5x4 pre1550 damascena versicolor
Zitronenfalter Shrub yellow double   yes 5x5 1956 Germany
Zwerg Rugosa pink semi-dbl   yes 3x3 1984 German "Dwarf Pavement"

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