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Dr. Leonard Perry, University of Vermont Extension

Perennial Trivia Test 

1. Who developed Crocosmia 'Lucifer'? Answer

2. Veronica'Sunny Border Blue', named after the nursery in Kensington, CT at which it was developed, was the Perennial Plant of the Year in 1993. In what year was it developed? Answer

3. The 1995 Perennial Plant of the Year was named after what Russian General? Answer

4. Phlox 'David' was discovered in the late 1980's in a parking lot in a group of seedlings, where? Answer

5. A new foamflower (Tiarella) introduction is named after what Scottish Isle (hint: the nursery where it was developed is named after the castle on that island)? Answer

6. The latin word from which this genus name comes means diseased lungs, referring to the 16th century Doctrine of Scriptures which said a plant resembled a disease it was supposed to cure. What is this plant? Answer

7. The popular Plantain Lily or Funkia was named after a physician to the Emperor in Vienna, 1761-1834. Who was this? Answer

8. Allium karataviense is named after what mountain range of Central Asia? Answer

9. Many famous Astilbe cultivars were bred in Germany by George Arends of Ronsdorf in the early part of this century. What cultivar was a red breakthrough in 1933? Answer

10. This classic old-fashioned perennial, a member of the Fumitory family, was introduced into cultivation in 1810 from China. What is it? Answer


1. Alan Bloom, Blooms of Bressingham, Diss, Norfolk, England

2.1946 by Robert Bennerup

3. V.A. Perovski (1794-c1857)

4. Brandywine Museum, West Chester, Pennsylvania

5. Isle of Skye, NW coast of Scotland, home of Dunvegan Castle

6. Pulmonaria, Lungwort

7. Nicolaus Thomas Host--yes, Hosta

8. Kara Tau

9. Fanal

10. Old-fashioned Bleeding Heart, Dicentra spectabilis

So how did you do ?

 8-10 right.....Consider writing a book on the subject.

 5-7 right.....still pretty incredible!

 under 5........keep reading these perennial pages and sites...

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