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Rosemary Verey
by Journey S.

Rosemary Very was a famous British designer who only recently passed away, on the thirty first of May in 2001.  She lived to be 82 and have many successes as a gardener and an author.  Many people have been blessed with her talent and two famous gents that were able to receive the fortunate experience of having her design their gardens are Elton John and Prince Charles.  Rosemary is well known for helping to popularize ornamental vegetable gardens, and her eye for color, lines, and texture.  She is also appreciated for being a self-taught gardener, her works came from natural skill as much as research.

Her personnel garden, The Barnsley House is located near Cirencester in Gloucesteshire is a magnificent garden filled with interesting attractions that were inspired by gardens from the past, the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, that she had researched.  Credit for the architectural design of this beautiful garden needs to be given to her husband who happens to be an architect. A very interesting aspect of her garden is her kitchen garden.  She has delicious vegetables that add beautiful color like cabbages and sweet peas.  Her garden is said to be eclectic or having diverse sources, but she is able to tie it all together.  Some of the attractions you can visit, as long as you swing by during visiting hours, are a temple with a pool, Laburnum walk, knot garden, potager, yew walk and Simon Verity’s frog fountain.

 If you wish to view these and live in the states without the cash to fly across the ocean who can find pictures of these delights in one of her well known books Classic Garden Design.  If you find her books useful or highly interesting then you should pick up a few more of her books.  Examples of her more popular ones are Country woman’s year, Flower Arrangers Garden, The Garden in Winter, and Rosemary Verey’s Making of a Garden.

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