Senecio ('Diamond')

(se-ness' ee-o)

Common name: Dusty Miller

Family: Asteraceae, Aster

Height x width: 8-15" x 12-18"

Growth rate: moderate to fast

Foliage: silvery-white wooly surfaces often turning green when wet; pinnately cut; alternate

Flowers: yellow or green daisy-like in corymbs, late summer, not showy

Hardiness: tender perennial grown as an annual (may overwinter in zones 7-9)

Soil: well-drained, prefers organic and moist, tolerates dry

Light: sun

Pests and problems: root rot, stem rot, nematodes

Landscape habit, uses: edged, massing, containers; used for foliage effect and contrast with other flowers

Other interest: often listed as Cineraria from Latin for "ash" refering to foliage color; Senecio is from Latin senex for old, refering to gray and wooly seeds; native to Mediterranean; large genus with over 1200 species, many considered persistent weeds

Other culture: remove flowers for best foliage effect

Propagation: seed (50,000 seeds per ounce) sown 12 weeks before planting out


cineraria (sin-er-air' ee-ah)--only species of ornamental value

Tanacetum vulgare (tan-ah-cee' tum vul-gair' ee)--genus for 'Silver Lace' Dusty Miller with very finely cut leaves, smaller than other cultivars and less vigorous; often listed as Chrysanthemum ptarmiciflorum

Cultivars: (of cineraria)
Cultivars height leaves, other
'Cirrus' 6-8" rounded, strong silver, compact
'Diamond' 10" very white, compact and uniform
'New Look' 9" very white, oak-leaf shaped
'Silver Cloud':'Snow Storm'    
'Silver Dust' 8" silvery, finely cut, most popular
'Snow Storm' ('Silver Cloud') 10" white, broad and strap-like

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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