Gaillardia ('Arizona Sun')


Common name: Blanket Flower, Indian Blanket

Family: Compositae/Asteraceae, Daisy

Height x width: 8-30" x12-24" varying with cultivar

Growth rate: moderate

Foliage: alternate or basal, gray-green, sometimes pinnately lobed; upper leaves sessile, hirsute or pubescent, alternate, generally entire, otherwise variable with species; grandiflora 8-10" long, pulchella 5-6 long

Flowers: long peduncles (stems) above foliage, yellow or red or mixed colors such as red with yellow tips; size varies with species; grandiflora 3-4" across, pulchella 2" across; flat to nearly ball-shaped

Hardiness: generally grown as an annual

Soil: well-drained, moist, performs well on poor soils; pulchella tolerates dry

Light: full sun best, tolerates light shade

Pests and Problems: few, occasionally powdery mildew; sometimes on grandiflora leaf spot, aster yellows, leafhoppers and four-lined plant bug

Landscape habit, uses: rounded, borders, massed, cut flowers, dry or windy sites

Other interest: blooms continuously throughout summer and fall without deadheading; scientific name for M. Gaillard de Charentoneau, a French patron of botany; common name from resemblence of bold colors to those found in Native American blankets; species native south to southwestern U.S. and Mexico

Other culture: may get tall and lanky in shade or with excessive fertility

Propagation: puchased seeds sown outdoors in fall in south, indoors 6 weeks before last frost in north, blooms quickly from seeds; only Portola Giants, Gaiety, and Monarch strains from self-collected seeds

Species: of the 14 species, two are most common: x grandiflora (gran-di-floor’ah) and pulchella (pool-chel’ah) with differences as noted above; x grandiflora being a cross between aristata and pulchella; aristata is perennial zones 3-8 in western U.S., less common

Cultivars: those marked * most commonly seen
Cultivar species flowers height, in.
‘Baby Cole’ x grandiflora maroon, yellow tips 8-12
‘Burgundy’ x grandiflora wine red 18-24
‘Dazzler’ x grandiflora bright orange-red, yellow tips 24-30
‘Double Mixed’ pulchella red, yellow doubles, mixed 12-18
‘Gaiety’ x grandiflora red, pink, yellow 18-24
*’Goblin’: ‘Kobold’      
‘Golden Goblin’:’Golkobold’      
‘Goldkobold’ (‘Golden Goblin’) x grandiflora golden, darker disks 12-15
‘Indian Yellow’ aristata yellow 24-30
‘Kobold’ (‘Goblin’) x grandiflora red, yellow tips 12-15
‘Lollipops’ pulchella yellow, orange-red, red 15-18
‘Monarch Strain’ x grandiflora variously red and yellow 24-30
‘Portola Giants’ x grandiflora bronze-red, yellow tips, 5-6" 24-30
*‘Red Plume’ pulchella double red, AAS winner 12-18
‘Tokajer’ x grandiflora gold, red center zone 28-32
‘Torchlight’ (‘Fackelschein’) x grandiflora red, yellow tips, 5-6" across 24-30
‘Wirral Flame’ x grandiflora orange-red, yellow tips 24-30
*‘Yellow Plume’ pulchella yellow, double 12-18

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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