Tagetes marigold Queen Sophia(French) and marigold Royal hybrid mix(American)

(tah-geh' tease)

Common name: Marigold

Family: Asteraceae, Aster

Height x width:12-36" x 12"

Growth rate: fast

Foliage: opposite, pinnately dissected, oil glands near margins with distinctive odor when crushed

Flowers: solitary, yellow to orange, 1/2-4" across, summer

Hardiness: annual

Soil: well-drained, tolerates dry; prefers moist, fertile

Light: sun

Pests and problems: wilt and stem rot, leaf spot, botrytis blight, aster yellows virus, spider mites, Japanese beetles, slugs (pests seldom a problem)

Landscape habit, uses: massing, borders, cutting, containers

Other interest: named from Etruscan deity Tages who supposedly sprang from the earth as it was plowed, refering to easy germination and growth; native of Mexico; popular since easy to grow and colorful; French types may be used for varying degrees of root-knot nematode control in soil

Other culture: remove old flowers (deadhead) for repeat and best bloom; space 12" apart

Propagation: sow direct or inside 4-6 weeks before planting out (9000-11,000 seeds per ounce)


erecta (ee-rec' tah)--American (sometimes listed as African) Marigold, 12-36" tall, flower heads usually solitary and rounded and usually 2-4" across; usually taller than broad; often grouped in dwarf, medium and tall

patula (pa-tuu' lah)--French Marigold, 8-24" tall, usually broader than tall, flowers small 1-2" across

patula x erecta --Triploid Marigold, 12-15" tall, don't set seed so don't stop flowering in summer heat, earlier to bloom

tenuifolia (signata)(ten-uu-eh-fol' ee-ah)--Signet or Scotch Marigold, small single flowers under 1" across over fern-like foliage, 6-9" tall

Cultivars species height flowers other
Antigua series erecta 12-16" 4 colors, double compact
'Apollo' erecta 14" orange, 3" wide double, very early
Aurora series patula 12" 6 colors, 2" wide compact, early
'Bolero' patula 14" red, gold bicolor  
Bonanza series patula 8-10" 7 colors compact
'Bonita Mix' patula 12" 3 colors carnation-type
Bounty series patula 10-12" 5 colors, 2" wide heat tolerant
Boy series patula 8-10" 5 colors, double early
'Burgundy Ripple' patula 12-14" maroon eged gold single
Climax series erecta 30-36" 4 colors, 4" wide double, ball-shaped
'Crackerjack Mix' erecta 30-36" orange, yellow, gold mix, doubles
Crush series erecta 10-12" 3 colors, 4" wide  
'Disco Mix' patula 12" 4 color mix, 2" wide early, single
Discovery series erecta 10-12" orange, yellow 3" wide very early
Excel series erecta 15" 4 colors, 4" wide vigorous, long bloom
'Favorite Mix' patula 22" mix, single, self-clean adaptable, 20" wide 
'Fireflame' patula 8-10" red,gold bicolor double
'French Vanilla' erecta 24" ivory, 3" wide odorless flowers
Galore series erecta 16-18" 3 colors, large, double  
Gem series tenuifolia 8" gold, yellow, orange  
Gold Coin series erecta 30-36" 3 colors, 4" across double
'Gold & Vanilla' erecta 20-30" 3 colors + white  
'Golden Gate' patula 9" mahogany edged gold 2"+ wide, AAS1989
'Goldfinch' patula 10-12" deep gold, double  
'Grand Prix Mix' patula 10-12" 3 colors, 3" wide double
'Gypsy Sunshine' patula 6-8" butter yellow  
'Happy Days Mix' patula 10" 3 colors, 2" across double
Hero series patula 10" 6 colors, single similar to Bonanza
'Holiday Crested' patula 12" 3 color mix, large uniform, early
'Honeycomb' patula 14" deep red edged orange  
Inca series erecta 18" 3 colors, double compact
'Jaguar' patula 10 yellow, red centers rain tolerant
Janie series patula 8-10" 7 colors, 2" wide  
Jubilee series erecta 18-20" orange, yellow 3" wide flowers
Lady series erecta 15-18" 4 colors, double carnation flowered
Laguna series patula x erecta 12" 3 colors, double anemone flowers
'Lemon Drop' patula 8" lemon yellow, double  
Little Hero series patula 8" 4 colors, 2" wide heat tolerant
'Lulu' tenuifolia 12" bright yellow  
'Medallion Mix' erecta 6-9" yellow, gold, orange 3" wide flowers
'Moonbeam' erecta 15" yellow, double, large early
'Moonshot' erecta 14" yellow, 3" wide double, very early
'Mr. Majestic' patula 12" yellow, red striped  
'Naughty Marietta' patula 10" gold, red center  
'Nema-gone' patula 48" orange, 1" wide controls nematodes
Nuggett series patula x erecta 12-15" 4 colors, double, large wide
'Paprika' tenuifolia 6" red, edged gold  
Perfection series erecta 18" 3 colors, 3" wide double, vigorous
'Queen Sophia' patula 12-14" russet edged orange double, anemone
'Red Cherry' patula 12" bright red early
'Red Seven Star' patula 10" orange, mahogany mottle  
Safari series patula 12" 8 colors, 3" wide early, anemone type
'Scarlet Sophie' patula 10-12" red camellia-like
'Snowdrift' erecta 22" creamy white, 3" wide prefers part shade
'Starfire' tenuifolia 6-8" mix  
'Striped Marvel' patula 24-30" red, yellow striped uniform, adaptable
'Sugar & Spice Mix' erecta 20" 3 colors + white double, carnation type
'Sumo Mix' erecta 20" 3 colors, rounded rain tolerant
'Susie Wong' patula 12" lemon yellow, 3" wide 15" wide plant
'Tiger Eyes' patula 12-14" red, yellow anemone-type
'Trinity Mix' patula x erecta 10-12" 3 colors, 3" wide carnation-type
'Truffles Mix' patula 8" 5 colors, double early, heat tolerant
Voyager series erecta 14-16" yellow, gold 3" wide early

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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