(an-tear-rhi' num)

Common name: Snapdragon

Family: Plantaginaceae, Plantain (formerly listed under Scrophulariaceae)

Height x width: 6"-4' x 6-12"

Growth rate: moderate

Foliage: opposite or upper leaves alternate, smooth, lanceolate to 3" long

Flowers: terminal racemes of many colors, florets irregular with upper and lower lips

Hardiness: annual

Soil: well-drained

Light:sun to part shade

Pests and problems: rust (main problem outdoors), leaf blights, mildews, botrytis gray mold, wilts, aphids and spider mites

Landscape habit, uses: borders, containers, cut flowers

Other interest: native to Mediterranean region; from the Greek anti meaning like and rhis meaning snout, refering to resemblance to long snout of a dragon; mouth of corolla opens by pinching sides

Other culture: remove old florets for best flowering, stake taller cultivars, may self sow

Propagation: seed (180,000 per ounce) sown 10 weeks (south) to 15 weeks (north) before planting out


majus (maa' jus)--most commonly grown; grouped into dwarf (6-12" tall), medium (14-24" tall), and tall (24-36" tall); florets may be broader and more open (butterfly type) or double (azalea type) with appearance of a regular floret within a butterfly one.
 Cultivars: (outdoor types, colors in series available separately with mix also)
Cultivars height flowers other
'Bells Mix' dwarf, 8-10" mix butterfly type florets
'Black Prince' medium, 18" dark red dark bronze leaves
Chimes series dwarf, 6-8" mix usually available as mix
'Dwarf Trumpet Serenade' dwarf, 12" mix trumpet-shaped flowers, open
Floral Carpet series dwarf, 6-8" 4 colors  
Floral Showers series dwarf, 6-8" 11 colors good in short days, uniform
'Giant Foreruner Mix' tall, 36" mix basal brancing
'Lavender Bicolor dwarf, 12" lavender white bicolor
Liberty series medium, 18-22" 9 colors  
'Lipstick Gold' medium, 18" gold red throat bicolor
'Little Darling Mix' dwarf, 12" mix AAS award
'Madame Butterfly' tall, 24-36" mix double, azalea type florets
'Monarch Mix' medium, 16-18" mix  
'Peaches & Cream' dwarf, 8-10" peach cream bicolor
'Pixie Mix' dwarf, 6-8" mix butterfly shaped florets
'Popette' medium, 18" white purple-rose throat bicolor
'Princess White,Purple Eye' medium, 16-18" white purple eyes, AAS award
'Purple King' medium, 18" lilac-purple  
Rocket series tall, 30-36" 8 colors good for cuts, 2 crops
'Royal Carpet Mix' dwarf, 8" 10 colors 12" wide, rust resistant
'Ruffled Super Tetra Mix' tall, 30" mix ruffled edges, large florets
Sonnet series medium, 20-24" 9 colors branched spikes, sturdy
'Sprite Formula Mix' medium, 14-18" mix  
'Sweetheart Mix' dwarf, 12" mix double, azalea-like
Tahiti series dwarf, 7-9" 13 colors early
'White Wonder' medium, 18" white  

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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