Zinnia zinnia Purple Prince

(zin' knee-ah)

Common name: Zinnia

Family: Asteraceae, Aster

Height x width: 8"-3' x 6"-12"

Growth rate: fast

Foliage: opposite, rough hairy surfaces, ovate to elliptic, 1½-4" wide and 1-2" across

Flowers: single or double, 1"-6" wide, many colors ray flowers, disk flowers usually absent

Hardiness: annual

Soil: well-drained, tolerates dry

Light: sun

Pests and problems: powdery mildew on some cultivars, botrytis blight, root and stem rots, Japanese beetle, spider mites

Landscape habit, uses: borders, massing, containers, cut flowers, butterfly gardens

Other interest: native to Mexico; named after Johann Gottfried Zinn, an 18th century botanist; one or most popular and easiest annuals to grow

Other culture: remove old flowers (deadhead) for repeat and best bloom; does best when hot and low humidity

Propagation: seed (2,000-7,000 per ounce) sown direct or 2-3 weeks before planting out


angustifolia (an-gus-ti-fol' ee-ah)(linearis)--Narrow-leaved Zinnia, 12-15" tall, linear leaves to 2½" long and ¼" across, flowers to 1½" wide, usually at least white in series, tolerant to alternaria blight and powdery mildew (photo courtesy ext.nodak.edu, Todd Weinmann)

elegans (ell' e-gans)--Common zinnia, most common species of cultivars, generally grouped into dwarf (10-15" tall), medium (15"-24" tall) and tall (24"-36" tall); also classified according to flower type such as dahlia-flowered resembling a dahlia, or cactus-flowered with narrow, twisted petals; leaves lance-shaped, 3-5in. long

haageana (ha-gee-aa' nah)-- Mexican zinnia, native to Mexico, 18-24" tall, multicolor flowers to 2½" wide; leaves narrow to linear, 2-5in. long

x hybrida (hi-bri-dah')--hybrids of angustifolia and elegans, disease resistance of first and flower size and performance of the second


Cultivars species flowers height, other
'Big Red' elegans red, 6" tall, 36"
Border Beauty series elegans dahlia-type, 3½" medium, 22"
'Burpee's Big Tetra Mix' elegans dahlia type, 6" tall, 30"
'Candy Cane Mix' elegans white/gold, red stripes,4" medium, 16-18"
'Chippendale' haageana red, gold tips, 2" medium, 24"
'Classic Golden Orange' angustifolia orange, 1½" dwarf, 10"
'Crystal White' angustifolia white dwarf, 4-5", AAS
Cut and Come Again series elegans mix, 2½" medium, 24"
'Dahlia-flowered Mix' elegans mix, 4-6" tall, 36"
Dasher series elegans 5 colors, 2½-3" dwarf, 10-12"
'Double Dwarf Mix' elegans 5 colors, double medium, 20"
Dreamland series elegans 6 colors, 4" dwarf, 10-12"
'Envy Double' elegans chartreuse green medium, 24"
'Giant Double Mix' elegans dahlia type, 4½" medium, 24"
'Giant Flowered Mix' elegans dahlia type, 5" tall, 30"
Lollipop series elegans double, 2½" dwarf, 10"
'Old Mexico' haageana yellow, red, dark red dwarf 10-12"
'Parasol Mix' elegans double mix dwarf, 10-12"
'Peppermint Stick Mix' elegans red striped, dahlia type medium, 24"
'Persian Carpet Mix' elegans bicolors, double, 2" dwarf, 15"
Peter Pan series elegans 9 colors, 2½-3" dwarf, 10-12"
Pinwheel series x hybrida rose, white, 3" dwarf, 10-12"
'Pulcino Mix' elegans mix, double dwarf, 12-15"
'Pumila Mix':'Cut and Come Again'      
Ruffles series elegans 4 colors, 3-3½" tall, 24-36", AAS
'Scabious Flowered' elegans 6 colors, crested form tall, 24-30"
Short Stuff series elegans 6 colors, double, 3-4" dwarf, 8"
Small World series elegans pink, cherry, 2" dwarf, 12-14", AAS
'Sombrero' haageana red center, yellow tip, 2" dwarf, 15"
Splendor series elegans 3 colors, double medium 20-24"
Star series angustifolia 3 colors, 2" dwarf, 10-12"
'State Fair Mix' elegans mix tall, 30-36"
'Sun Bow Mix' elegans mix, 1-1½" medium, 18-20"
'T&M Cactus Flowered' elegans mix, 5", cactus type tall, 24-36"
'Thumbelina' elegans mix, 1½-2" dwarf, 10"
'Tropical Snow' angustifolia white, 2" dwarf, 12-14"
'Whirligig Improved Mix' elegans bicolors, cactus type medium, 18-24"
Zenith series elegans cactus-type, 6" tall, 30"

©Authored by Dr. Leonard Perry, Professor, University of Vermont as part of PSS123 course.

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