Chenopodium album

Common name: Lambsquarters                                     Lambsquarters seedling
                                                                                   Mature Lambsquarters with seeds
Family: Chenopodiaceae

Origin: Eurasia

U.S. Distribution: Throughout

Height: Up to 5 ft.

Foliage: Alternate, simple, ovate to lanceolate; white coating on underside

Flowers: Small, green arranged in spike inflorescences

Bloom time: June- September

Habitat: Gardens and cultivated fields, especially grain fields

Soil: Sandy or alkaline soils

Other: Leaves are edible and contain more iron, protein and Vitamin B12 than spinach. A valued vegetable crop in early Europe until spinach was introduced from Asia in the 16th century. A related species, C. quinoa is a major crop in South America and is harvested for its seeds. Lambsquarters is also in the same family as chard and beets.

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